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Lake and Harbour Restoration

by Aeration Industries International (AII)

Natural water bodies - from inland lakes, river systems and harbor ecosystems - are the final collectors for the pollution man sheds into his environment. With population growth and industrial development, they are becoming seriously polluted at an alarming rate due to the discharge of industrial and domestic wastes into these natural water ...

Biological Tech - Model PWC-1 - Ponds Lakes and Lagoon Purifier

by Biological Tech Solutions

PWC-1 is a water purifier designed for use in ponds, lakes and lagoons where the accumulation of organic and inorganic (chemicals, oil, lawn fertilizer, phosphorus, etc.) wastes and odors are a problem. Our effective clarifier is composed of effective biotechnology that metabolizes the unwanted nutrients into harmless compounds of CO2, H2O. PWC-1 ...

Bacta-Pur - Model KLEAR - Helps Maintaining Water Clarity

by IET-Aquaresearch Ltd.

The ECOPROBIOTICS®; that: help maintain water clarity, eliminate toxic ammonia & nitrite, reduce  soluble phosphorous, biotransform organic wastes into healthful natural food for fishes, zooplankton, other invertebrates and amphibians.

Bacta-Pur - Model Sludgebusters - Biodegrades Organic Wastes

by IET-Aquaresearch Ltd.

The ECOPROBIOTICS® that: biodegrade organic wastes (sludge, fish waste and excess food, etc.), facilitate oxygenation, biotransform organic wastes into wholesome natural food for fishes, zooplankton, other invertebrates and amphibians.


by IET-Aquaresearch Ltd.

The ECOPREBIOTICS® that: assure the presence of essential trace elements (phosphorus free) for the optimal growth and activity of the ECOPROBIOTICS®.

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