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by Les Traitements Bio-Bac inc.

Bio-STAR AQUA+ is a selectively adapted natural occurring bacteria consortium blend mixed with specific enzymes and micro nutrients specifically developed to improve the quality of aquatic ecosystems. Bio-STAR AQUA+ controls algae, organic scum and biodegrades accumulated organic matter in ponds and lakes.

Tekran - Model 1135 - Particulate Mercury Unit

by Tekran Instruments Corporation

The Tekran Model 1135 Particulate Mercury Module connects seamlessly to the top of the Model 1130 to continuously monitor ambient air particulate bound mercury (HgP), gaseous oxidized mercury (GOM) and gaseous elemental mercury (GEM). The complete Tekran 2537-1130-1135 Atmospheric Mercury Speciation System provides fully automated, unattended ...

Renovate OTF

by Natural Environmental Systems, LLC

Renovate OTF (On Target Flakes) is an aquatic herbicide labeled for control of submersed, emersed and floating plants in and around aquatic sites such as ponds, lakes, reservoirs, non-irrigation canals, ditches, marshes and wetlands. The active ingredient in Renovate, triclopyr, rapidly enters through the target plant's leaves and stems, ...

Biological Tech - PWC-1 - Ponds Lakes and Lagoon Purifier

by Biological Tech Solutions

PWC-1 is a water purifier designed for use in ponds, lakes and lagoons where the accumulation of organic and inorganic (chemicals, oil, lawn fertilizer, phosphorus, etc.) wastes and odors are a problem. Our effective clarifier is composed of effective biotechnology that metabolizes the unwanted nutrients into harmless compounds of CO2, H2O. PWC-1 ...


by IET-Aquaresearch Ltd.

The ECOPREBIOTICS® that: assure the presence of essential trace elements (phosphorus free) for the optimal growth and activity of the ECOPROBIOTICS®.

Bacta-Pur - Sludgebusters - Biodegrades Organic Wastes

by IET-Aquaresearch Ltd.

The ECOPROBIOTICS® that: biodegrade organic wastes (sludge, fish waste and excess food, etc.), facilitate oxygenation, biotransform organic wastes into wholesome natural food for fishes, zooplankton, other invertebrates and amphibians.

Bacta-Pur - KLEAR - Helps Maintaining Water Clarity

by IET-Aquaresearch Ltd.

The ECOPROBIOTICS®; that: help maintain water clarity, eliminate toxic ammonia & nitrite, reduce  soluble phosphorous, biotransform organic wastes into healthful natural food for fishes, zooplankton, other invertebrates and amphibians.

Dewatering/Silt Bag

by West Coast Spill Supplies Ltd.

The Dewatering  Bag is a geotextile filter bag for removing silt from water. It is designed to filter water as it is pumped from a storage site, removing hazardous materials such as silt before they can damage the environment. The silt bag is an economical choice for preventing costly clean up of a storm water system. The potential liability ...

BenthoFluor Kit - An Add-On for the FluoroProbe

by bbe Moldaenke GmbH

An fibre-optic attachment kit which transforms the FluoroProbe into a measuring instrument for the in situ anaylsis of benthic algae. Recommend for users of the bbe FluoroProbe.Many species of algae have adapted their nutrient uptake systems enabling them to survive in shallow water close to the shoreline, where sunlight still penetrates to the ...

Bio-STAR - OClaire

by Les Traitements Bio-Bac inc.

Bio-STAR O’Claire is a biological and natural water treatment product designed to maintain aquariums and small water gardens. Its beneficial natural occurring bacteria works to keep a natural environment in balance by degrading organic solids, ammonia and preventing algae formation.

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