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Model AL-36DT - Water Ecology Test Kit, Digital Titrator

by Hach Company - a subsidiary of Danaher Corporation     Distributor in AUSTRALIA

Acidity, Alkalinity, Carbon Dioxide, Dissolved Oxygen, Hardness, and pH - Model: AL-36DT with Digital Titrator: The Digital Titrator and standardized titration cartridges provide laboratory accuracy for field titrations. A color comparator with color disc is used for pH measurement.

Peat Profile Sampler - Type Wardenaar

by Eijkelkamp Soil & Water     Distributor in AUSTRALIA

Until recently, sampling undisturbed peat profiles in peat lands, was a very difficult activity. Digging and sampling profile pits in most peat lands is difficult (if not impossible) as they would immediately fill with water and the walls would slump. Researching the ecology of peat land environments and the dynamics and stratigraphy of peat ...

Compact - Luxor - Major - Master - Phantom Super Ecology Pest Control Sprayers

by Martignani srl     Office in AUSTRALIA

The Phantom Super Ecology Sprayers are the most PRESTIGIOUS and ADVANCED RANGE of equipment for real Environment Care/Municipal Pest Control professionals.


by Total Erosion & Pollution Control Pty Ltd     based in Campbelltown, AUSTRALIA

EcoLogs™ are coir logs made from 100% natural coconut fibre compacted into an outer mesh of bristle coir twine. They incorporate biological, ecological and engineering aspects of erosion control into their design, producing a structure, that when vegetated, controls shoreline and streambank erosion. EcoLogs™ are fully biodegradable within 5-10 ...

OTT ecoLog 800

by OTT Hydromet - a member of Hach Company     Distributor in AUSTRALIA

The OTT ecoLog 800 is a self-contained system for measurement of water level, temperature, and conductivity in groundwater and surface water applications. The ecoLog 800 features a complete in-well solution for groundwater measurement and flexible remote data transmission options.

Aclara STAR, ZoneScan - Model 820 AMI - Correlating Leak Logger

by Gutermann AG     Office in Mascot, AUSTRALIA

The STAR ZoneScan system combines the strengths of leak-detection technology from Gutermann International and two-way fixed network AMI technology from Aclara, yielding a more powerful, efficient method of detecting water main leaks. Deployed at regular intervals throughout the water pipeline network (attached to valves via the integrated magnetic ...

Model CA-10WR - Carbon Dioxide, Dissolved Oxygen, and pH Test Kit, Color Disc

by Hach Company - a subsidiary of Danaher Corporation     Distributor in AUSTRALIA

Carbon Dioxide, Dissolved Oxygen, and pH, Water Ecology & Limnology Test Kit, Model CA-1. Three essential water quality tests in one carrying case make this model one of our most popular.

Model GVA UPB - Underwater Positioning and Fastening System

by Gesellschaft für Verfahren der Abwassertechnik mbH & Co. KG (GVA)     Office in Brisbane, AUSTRALIA

The GVA UPB system ensures fast and easy maintenance of the aeration grids and fields. Removable aeration fields that can be taken out of the basin during operation for maintenance purposes without having to lower the water level make sense economically and can be realized with our GVA UPB system. The aeration grid is moved over a permanently ...

Radiello - Model RAD1201 - Diffusive Bodies

by Sigma-Aldrich Co., LLC     Office in Sydney, AUSTRALIA

Radiello Diffusive Bodies blue, configured for sampling light sensitive compounds, pk of 20.

Hydroliennes - Fusegate

by Hydroplus     Office in Pyrmont, AUSTRALIA

Hydroliennes enable eutrophic water bodies to be destratified in an ecological, natural and economic way, restoring life to the ecosystem.

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