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by Holcim (US) Inc.

Cement is made by grinding clinker to a fine powder, which produces traditional Portland cement. When mixed with sand, gravel or crushed stone and water, cement acts as the binding agent to make concrete. Cement production is both resource- and energy-intensive. Our commitment to improving eco-efficiency is based on a holistic view of the entire ...

Filter Bags

by ICT Filtración, S.L.

All filter bags and pockets manufactured by ICT FILTRACIÓN guarantee absolute tightness, high efficiency in particle retention and pure end products thanks to the high-quality fabrics used and thermowelded finishes with ultrasound-reinforced bonding. ICT FILTRACIÓN has an extensive database with the measurements and features of the ...

Ecosel - TA - Salt

by Akzo Nobel Base Chemicals (ANBC)

Salt tends to cake when transported or stored without special additives. Up until now, this is usually prevented by adding ferrocyanide (also called YPS), a powerful anti-caking agent for salt which was developed by AkzoNobel in the 1950s. The additive prevents lumps forming and makes it instantly ready for use in industry. However, ferrocyanide ...


by ICT Filtración, S.L.

ICT FILTRACIÓN mini-weaves are used in solid product separation and sifting processes, normally in difficult screening processes, to ensure an end product which is free from impurities.

Fabric Silos

by ICT Filtración, S.L.

Bags in large sizes manufactured by ICT FILTRACIÓN for the storage of a range of products. They are manufactured in the measurements requested and adapt to fit the metal structure in which they are generally installed. To avoid manufacturing errors, ICT FILTRACIÓN offers the option of sending a technical team to the customer’s ...

Multi-channel pockets

by ICT Filtración, S.L.

Multi-channel pockets were designed by PRAT-DANIEL in the 1960’s. Since then the same company, which gone under different names – AIR INDUSTRIE, PROCEDAIR and SOLIOS – has continued to manufacture bag filters with these pockets. Their special design calls for precision manufacturing. ICT FILTRACION has therefore made a ...

Eastman Aspira - EB062 - Copolyester

by Eastman Chemical Company

Eastman Aspira copolyester EB062 is a resin specifically developed for extrusion blown bottles where aesthetics such as high clarity and gloss, coupled with design flexibility, drive demand. Compared to commonly used materials, Eastman Aspira copolyester EB062 runs on most standard processing equipment. Extremely high melt strength makes the resin ...

Fluid Bed Bags

by ICT Filtración, S.L.

The fluid bed bags manufactured by ICT FILTRACIÓN, also referred to as octopus, consist of bags fixed at the top to a supporting grille and a base attached to a recipient containing the product at a particular humidity to be dried by means of heat. The hot air going into the recipient passes through the product mixture to be dried, causing ...

Master X-Seed - 130 - Crystal Seeds

by BASF plc

Master X-Seed 130 is an engineered suspension of crystal seeds containing nanoparticles, designed to boost the hydration process of early age cement (6-12 hrs). Based on unique and innovative seeding technology, the growth of the essential Calcium Silicate Hydrate crystals is strongly accelerated.Master X-

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