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Bird & Bat Radar Systems

by DeTect, Inc.

The MERLIN Avian Radar System is the most capable, proven and widely used bird radar system available for conducting bird and bat surveys, mortality risk analysis, and migratory studies, and for long-term and operational monitoring and mitigation of risks.

Environdata - EasiData Mark 4

by Environdata

The EasiData Mark 4 is a highly flexible data logger that until 2009 formed the core component of Environdata's modular weather stations.  While now superseded by the Weather Maestro, we continue to service and support the Mark 4.  The information below is left here for reference purposes only. These weather stations can be customised to ...

SWI - Model C3 - Three-Cup Anemometer

by Second Wind

The C3 Anemometer is an improved version of the popular three-cup anemometer design used in wind assessments for decades, manufactured to precise industry standards. The Model C3 rotor is made of tough polycarbonate for exceptional durability and reliability. The Model C3 sensor base is also made of rugged polycarbonate, making it more resistant ...

AQM 60 - Air Quality Station

by Aeroqual Ltd

AQM 60 Air Quality Stations deliver precise measurement data in real time for a wide range of air quality criteria in a compact and modular package. Measureable parameters include Ozone (O3), Nitrogen Dioxide (NO2), Nitrogen Oxides (NOX), Carbon Monoxide (CO), Carbon Dioxide (CO2), Sulphur Dioxide (SO2), Hydrogen Sulphide (H2S), Volatile Organic ...

Signal - Learian StreetBox - Air Pollution Monitor

by Signal Group Ltd

A low cost, pre-calibrated indicative air pollution monitor, the Streetbox uses electrochemical cell technology along with a nephalometer to measure a suite of air quality parameters. It provides real time information on pollution trends making it perfect for impact assessment and other short to medium term air quality monitoring projects.


by Vector Instruments (Wind Speed Limited)

The W200 series windvanes are high quality instruments for measuring wind direction, which have proven themselves over many years in applications from general meteorology to wind assessment. Two basic types are available: The W200P and W200P/L. The W200P is a high resolution instrument fitted with a 1K ohm potentiometer of robust design. There is ...

Marine Versions of Anemometers

by Vector Instruments (Wind Speed Limited)

In environments where instruments are likely to be significantly exposed to sea/salt water (corrosive) or sand/dust (abrasive) it is advised that the 'marine' versions of our instruments be used in order that best performance and reliability is obtained in service. For applications requiring 'First Class' performance (wind assessment etc) the ...

Dual Mounting Arms

by Vector Instruments (Wind Speed Limited)

A dual-mounting arm (also known as a cross-arm) is a convenient method of mounting both windspeed and direction sensors on one mast top. The close proximity of anemometer and windvane when mounted on a dual-mounting arm can affect the accuracy of the measurementso for high-precision applications (e.g. wind assessment) we recommend that only our ...

Daily Environment Report

by Bloomberg BNA

Turn to the nation's most objective and informative daily environmental news resource to learn how the United States and key players around the world are responding to the environmental challenges of our times.

Mounting Adaptors Hardware

by Vector Instruments (Wind Speed Limited)

A range of mounts and adaptors are available to simplify fixing of our anemometers and windvanes to a mast. 405 Single mast mounts for anemometers and windvanes are the preferred solutionbut if mounting both sensors at the same heightthere will be some interference to the airflow which will reduce accuracy of readingdepending on the mast top ...

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