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SuperSting Wi-Fi - Induced Polarization (IP) and Self-potential (SP) Instrument for Geo-electrical Tomography

by Advanced Geosciences, Inc.

The SuperSting™ with Wi-Fi®is a resistivity, induced polarization (IP) and self-potential (SP) portable instrument with memory storage and user defined measure cycles. It provides the highest accuracy and lowest noise levels in the industry. The instrument comes in two versions, the single channel version R1 and the eight channel version ...

Ecosorb Odor Eliminator

by OMI Industries

Ecosorb odor eliminator is biodegradable and can be applied through a number of delivery systems, including atomization, vaporization, encapsulation or infusion into end products — making it the natural odor management solution for virtually any situation. Ecosorb doesn’t mask smells, it neutralizes them by breaking down and removing a ...

IONICON - Liquid Calibration Unit (LCU) - Versatile Trace Gas Calibration by Evaporation of Liquid Calibration Standards

by Ionicon Analytik Ges.m.b.H.

The IONICON Liquid Calibration Unit (LCU) evaporates aqueous standards into a gas stream, resulting in a gas flow containing compounds at defined trace concentrations. This gas can be used for precise calibration of trace gas analyzers over an extensive range of compounds and concentrations.

Illumination Sensor

by Climatronics Corporation

Photometry refers to the measurement of visible radiation (light) with a sensor having a spectral responsivity curve equal to the average human eye. This curve is known as the CIE Standard Observer Curve (photopic curve). Climatronics' photometric sensor (P/N 101668) is used to measure lighting conditions where the eye is the primary receiver, ...

Kestrel - 4000 - Pocket Weather Tracker with Bluetooth

by Scientific Sales, Inc.

Kestrel Pocket Weather Meters adds Bluetooth technology for lightning quick wireless weather data straight to your laptop or PDA. Kestrel 4000 Pocket Weather Tracker with Bluetooth is the next generation of weather monitoring. Measure every major environmental condition, easily and accurately, right in the palm of your hand. The chart mode allows ...

SteelMass - Model 640S - Flow Meter

by Sierra Instruments, Inc.

Accurate monitoring of peak, low flow and total gas mass flow rates is a critical part of many industrial process control systems. If you need a portable analog or digital air flow meter that easily inserts into industrial ducts and pipes (up to 72 inches), choose Sierra Instruments SteelMass 640S.

Merckoquant® Nitrite Test

by Merck Millipore

A new Merckoquant® nitrite test significantly extends the range of sensitivity for test strips: With just one test strip you can detect concentrations as low as 0.5 mg/l – optimal for environmental analysis, surface water investigations, and aquaristics. The new test complements Merck’s comprehensive assortment of high-quality ...

ATS - 40995 - Alkali Analyser Flame Photometer

by Advanced Technical Services GmbH

The model ATS/40995 - ATS 200S HPFP Alkali Analyser is a multi-channel High Performance Flame Photometer that measures sequentially up to 5 elements; typically the hardware for Na, K, Li, and Ca are included in the basic analyser with additional element channels available.

ATS - 40994 - Science and Industry Flame Photometer

by Advanced Technical Services GmbH

The model ATS/40994 - ATS 200S Science / Industry HPFP (High Performance Flame Photometer) is a multi-channel analyser that measures simultaneously and instantaneously up to 5 elements; Na, K, Li, and Ca are included as standard.

Gasmet - CR2000 - Multicomponent FTIR Gas Analyzer

by Gasmet Technologies Oy

Gasmet CR-series are desktop analyzers for high sensitivity, high speed gas analysis. The CR-series FTIR gas analyzers are especially suitable for vehicle exhaust measurements, catalytic research, gas purity tests and other research applications.

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