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Airport Deicing Fluid Treatment System

by Dynatec Systems Inc.     Distributor in GEORGIA (US) (USA)

Dynatec provides a unique system that treats spent airport deicing fluid to provide reuse quality water and recover glycol.

Plant Security

by Enercon Services Inc     Office in GEORGIA (US) (USA)

ENERCON's experts analyze, assess and design improvements to plant and facility security systems in response to all credible threats. Our expertise includes extending plant perimeters and upgrading security system designs to the latest technology available in the industry. This involves security computer replacements, perimeter intrusion ...

Model TE-200-PAS & TE-300 PAS - Indoor Passive Air Sampler And Outdoor Passive Air Sampler

by Tisch Environmental Inc. - Tisch International     Distributor in GEORGIA (US) (USA)

The most comprehensive indoor passive air sampler and outdoor passive air sampler yet for measuring the concentrations of persistent organic pollutants (POPs) in the air today. Adapted for remote outdoor use, the PUF (polyurethane foam) disks collection method requires no electricity to operate.

Model H-Type - Flume

by Tracom Fiberglass Products     based in Alpharetta, GEORGIA (US) (USA)

H-Type flumes provide excellent accuracy and rangability for flow in open channels where free-falling discharge conditions occur. The flumes were designed for the study of agricultural runoff, but are also ideally suited for monitoring storm water run-off and industrial flow monitoring.

Asbestos Sampling Bags

by EMLab P&K     Office in Norcross, GEORGIA (US) (USA)

These 3x5 ziplock bags are specially marked for asbestos samples. These bags can be used for transport of bulk or asbestos cassette samples to the laboratory. 1,000 per box.

ECS - Pre-Filter System

by Engineered Composite Systems     Office in Canton, GEORGIA (US) (USA)

The ECS Pre-filter (grease filter / mist eliminator) is an essential component to any odor control system. The Pre-filter protects expensive equipment or media by removing particulate or moisture before it reaches the odor control system.

InvisiLink - Model RS-422 and RS-485 - Wireless Radio Devices

by Kistler-Morse     Distributor in Atlanta, GEORGIA (US) (USA)

Eliminate the need for cables and conduit connections between sensors and data collection devices to improve your inventory management system. Standard InvisiLink communicates using radio frequencies via RS-422 or RS-485 protocols.

ECS - Model X-Pac - Degasifiers

by Engineered Composite Systems     Office in Canton, GEORGIA (US) (USA)

ECS X-Pac Degasifiers are used to remove unwanted gases from supply water. The degasifier removes the gases by passing the water over a packing media that helps the water form a thin film over the surface area of the tower. A counter current airflow is introduced at the bottom of the tower and travels up the stack through the descending flow of ...

Food Wastewater Treatment Plant

by Dynatec Systems Inc.     Distributor in GEORGIA (US) (USA)

Dynatec has the products and experience to provide wastewater solutions in the food manufacturing industry for treatment and reuse.

3nine - Model Anna 600 - Oil Mist Separator - Green Line Units

by 3nine AB     Distributor in GEORGIA (US) (USA)

The Anna 600 is suited for all applications involving processes using oil, coolants or other lubricants. The Anna works on all machine tools with a cabin volume up to 212 CF.

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