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JFE - Model A-200 Series - Heavy Metal Stabilizer

by JFE Engineering America Inc.     based in Long Beach, CALIFORNIA (USA)

The Heavy Metal Stabilizer A-200 Series is a high-performance chemical agent intended to trap and prevent lead and other heavy metals contained in fly ash from being eluted at the final disposal site. The A-200 Series, which is of pure polymer composition produces satisfactory effects with a small dosage reducing maintenance cost significantly and ...


by Bird Barrier     based in Carson, CALIFORNIA (USA)

Birdwire is a spring-tensioned wire system designed to create an unstable landing area that is widely used throughout the US because it is very low-profile. It carries GSA approval for historic buildings.

kosun - Model Shale Shaker - Shale Shaker

by XI'AN KOSUN MACHINERY CO., LTD.     based in Beijing,China, CHINA

The shale shaker is the first stage of solids control equipment in drilling purification system. It can remove cuttings above 75μm brought from the drilling well to leave the liquid with smaller particles into the tanks below, which will flow into next grade solids control equipment to be treated.Shale ShakerThe Economy of Linear MotionKOSUN ...

Bfuel Cell Proton Exchange Membrane

by Shanghai Lingqiao Environmental Protection Equipment Works Co.,Ltd.     based in Shanghai, CHINA

Our 863 project named 'National fuel cell enhanced proton exchange membrane manufacture technology' was accepted technically by technological experts on Feb. 2012. The performance of our fuel cell membrane has reached international advanced level.

Lithium Battery Ion Exchange Membrane

by Shanghai Lingqiao Environmental Protection Equipment Works Co.,Ltd.     based in Shanghai, CHINA

With the development of information, materials and energy technology, lithium ion batteries research has become an emerging power technogoy hotspot thanks to its features of high energy density, long cycle life, no memory effect, safety & reliablity and rapid charge & discharge advantages. Our company has specially developed PTFE/PE ...

Tango - Model 800T - Packaged Drilling Mud Recycling System

by KEMTRON Technologies, Inc.     based in Stafford, TEXAS (USA)

The Tango 800™ mud recycling system is the perfect fit for today’s drilling contractor with 140k to 800k sized rigs in the trenchless, water-well, or geothermal industry. Capable of processing 800 to 1,000 gallons per minute of drilling fluid, the Tango 800 unit is a high performing recycling system with a compact user-friendly design. ...

DynOptic - Model SM-202M - Smoke Opacity Monitor for Monitoring Marine Emissions

by DynOptic Systems Ltd     based in Brackley, UNITED KINGDOM

With Port Authorities around the world increasingly regulating emissions from ships, the SM-202M Smoke Opacity Monitor is an optical instrument specifically designed to measure the visible opacity of smoke emissions within the marine industry.The SM-202M uses the single pass light transmission measurement technique, with Transmitter/Receiver ...

Crowcon - Model F-Gas - Infrared Fixed-Point Detector

by Crowcon Detection Instruments Ltd     based in Milton Park, UNITED KINGDOM

A high quality infrared fixed-point detector that delivers dependable detection of freon gases. Available for detecting a range of different refrigerant gases and also sulphur hexafluoride (SF6), the Crowcon F-Gas Detector can be connected to any control system that accepts an analogue signal. Housed within an IP54 rugged enclosure, the F-Gas ...

Minitrace β - α, β and γ Contamination Meter

by Saphymo GmbH     based in Frankfurt am Main, GERMANY

MiniTRACE β is a contamination meter designed to improve the safety of workers in the control areas of nuclear power plants, reprocessing plants, research centers and hospitals. It can likewise offer strong safety benefits to public bodies like the police, fire brigades or the military. Its simple use makes it easy to detect possible spots of ...

Agrilaser - Silent Portable Handheld Device for Bird Repellent

by Bird Control Group     based in Delft, NETHERLANDS

The Agrilaser Handheld is a silent portable device for bird repellent. Due to advanced patented optical technology a laser beam is emitted which is optimized for bird repellent over a long distance. In cooperation with scientist we developed the Agrilaser Handheld to be the ultimate remedy against bird problems. Birds perceive the green laser ...

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