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Asbestos Management Software

by Asbestos Consultants Europe Ltd (ace)     based in Grays, UNITED KINGDOM

The successful management of asbestos can be complex, especially if you are managing a large number of properties. To ensure full compliance you will need to place practical asbestos management policies and procedures. Central to all of this, is an effective information system. In a large organisation, this cannot be handled using paper-based ...

Amianto - Surveying and Asbestos Management Software

by Amianto     based in Lanark, UNITED KINGDOM

Communicate with surveyors on-site; Amianto Mobile enables real-time transfer of data to and from surveyors that are on-site. Details of the surveys assigned to a surveyor are sent to their mobile device including any notes specific to a survey, start times, location and contact details. Surveyors can enter all the data collected during a survey ...

Alpha Tracker - Alpha Tracker Asbestos Surveying Software

by Alpha Tracker / Start Software     based in Adelaide, AUSTRALIA

Alpha Tracker is an automated asbestos surveying and reporting software system which will save every asbestos surveyor or consultancy $1000's a month.​Alpha Tracker runs in any web browser without the need to download or install any software whatsoever - it could not be easier to get up and running.​​​​​If you are considering moving your asbestos ...

Asbestos Risk Assessment Solutions

by ACMS UK     based in Nottingham, UNITED KINGDOM

ACMS UK's asbestos risk assessment solutions ACMS UK's asbestos assessment and management options include Vision, AMS and SOLAR. Our desktop and web-based asbestos management systems deliver innovative solutions to what can be complex problems. For the property owner or his surveyors, leading-edge technology keeps them totally in touch with the ...

Asbestos Management Suite

by PSI2000 Ltd.     based in High Barnet, UNITED KINGDOM

Asbestos Web Tracker makes it very easy for anyone to search for key information on Asbestos from an online portal accessible through your desktop and mobile devices. To use this application all is required is a Web Browser, no other installation of any specific software is needed. - See more at: ...

E-Learning Asbestos Awareness Training Software

by PSI 2000     based in High Barnet, UNITED KINGDOM

Is informing your people about Asbestos findings and decisions a challenge for you? Do you find keeping track of who has received Asbestos training and who needs a refresher course tedious and time consuming? Is it logistically difficult to gather all your people in one location at a single time for Asbestos awareness training? E-Learning Asbestos ...

Asbestos On-Line Consultancy Software

by Lancall Limited     based in Warrington, UNITED KINGDOM

Our Asbestos On-Line Consultancy software has been recently developed to our own specification enabling us to provide all survey data to customers on-line. The benefits are enormous to customers enabling them to access information at any time from any location and also to share that information quickly and easily.

Amianto - Property and Facility Management Software

by Amianto     based in Lanark, UNITED KINGDOM

Gain full control over your asbestos management tasks; Amianto stores all historic and current asbestos related information for the properties you manage and enables this to be securely accessed by a web browser and mobile app by those who require it. All data collected from surveys, re-inspections, repair and remedial works (including photos, ...

e-Learning Software

by Asbestos Consultants Europe Ltd (ace)     based in Grays, UNITED KINGDOM

Here at Asbestos Consultants Europe Ltd we have a library of relevant courses that can be easily modified to incorporate the needs of different organisations and various employees.

Survey and Assessments Management Software

by Rivo Software Ltd.     based in Warwick, UNITED KINGDOM

Rivo Surveys and Assessments Software Solution lets you create surveys & assessments on any topic, push them out to relevant people, set automatic recurrence periods and follow-up on actions or issues that surface. With this capability, organisations can quickly and efficiently gather company-wide information across a number of areas: ...

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