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Model Ultima - Bird Dispersal, Logging & Analysis

by Scarecrow Bio-Acoustic Systems Limited     based in Uckfield, UNITED KINGDOM

What is Ultima? Ultima, a unique Tablet Computer controlled development from the well established vehicle based Scarecrow Premier 1500 bird dispersal system.Operation is simplified by user selectable languages of English, French, German, Italian and Spanish; others can be specified to special order.

Model Compact - Integrated Bird Dispersal System

by Scarecrow Bio-Acoustic Systems Limited     based in Uckfield, UNITED KINGDOM

SCARECROW COMPACT is an integrated bird dispersal system designed for use in locations as diverse as fruit farms, crop fields, parks and other outdoor urban areas.

Ultrason X Bird Repeller

by     based in Montgomery, ILLINOIS (USA)

Ultrason X is a programmable outdoor ultrasonic bird repeller. It's the first-ever ultrasonic bird repellent for EXTERIOR USE! Unique 'silent to humans' harassments get rid of birds for good and guard your property all day and night, like a silent security guard! Targets birds with unrelenting newest-technology ultrasonic waves which move from ...

Bird-X - Stainless Steel Bird Spikes

by Bird-X Inc.     based in Chicago, ILLINOIS (USA)

Stainless steel bird spikes are used to prevent pest birds from landing on surfaces such as rooftops, ledges, window sills, beams, and other convenient surfaces. Bird spikes are not harmful to birds. Stainless steel spikes are the industry standard on public and private RFPs. Various lengths and widths available. Pricing starts at $42.00.

Bird BLazer - Electronic Laser Bird Control Device

by Bird-X Inc.     based in Chicago, ILLINOIS (USA)

This electronic laser bird control device uses fat-beam laser technology to safely frighten birds away. Multi-colored lasers (3 colors) confuse pest birds. Laser beams constantly change patterns to prevent acclimation. Works day and night. Use indoors and/or in semi-enclosed spaces. Covers up to 10,000 sq. ft.. World's first indoor laser bird ...

Super BirdXPeller - Model PRO - Sonic Bird Repeller

by Bird-X Inc.     based in Chicago, ILLINOIS (USA)

The Super BirdXPeller PRO is a sonic bird repeller that emits naturally recorded bird distress calls and predator cries that frighten, confuse and disorient pest birds within the effective range – up to 6 acres!  Sonic bird control is safe, humane, and eco-friendly.

Super QuadBlaster - Model QB-4 - Ultrasonic Bird Repeller

by Bird-X Inc.     based in Chicago, ILLINOIS (USA)

BEST SELLING ultrasonic bird repeller gets rid of bird infestations with a 'Silent to Humans' audio attack. The sounds are designed to confuse, disorient and intimidate pest birds to quickly scare them away from the effective area.

Bird & Bat Radar Systems

by DeTect, Inc.     based in Panama City, FLORIDA (USA)

The MERLIN Avian Radar System is the most capable, proven and widely used bird radar system available for conducting bird and bat surveys, mortality risk analysis, and migratory studies, and for long-term and operational monitoring and mitigation of risks.

No Fly Zone - Bird Spikes

by No Fly Zone, Inc.     based in Tinton Falls, NEW JERSEY (USA)

Bird Spikes are a stainless steel deterrent product. They deter birds from landing and/or roosting on light to heavy pressure sites such as ledges, etc. The Bird Spikes have a long stainless steel spike that extends upwards and outwards in a way that makes it difficult for the birds to land. Bird Spikes are adhered to the various locations with ...

Model TLBS0103 - Bird Spike

by TNL Tools Co.,Ltd     based in XIAMEN, CHINA

Feature: Spikes width are 7' covering ledge 9' wide. No screws needed to attach spikes to area. Long -lasting stainless steel. 2ft is available , alternative style. Wide base for a strong support. Spikes come in 2' strips for a quicker and permitting a reach factor for installation. Easy to break (no tools required) into individual pieces if ...

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