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Genesol - 32 - Biocidal Cleaner/Preservative

by Genesys International Limited

Genesol 32 is a broadspectrum biocide for use in cleaning Reverse Osmosis and Nano-Filtration systems. It can be used both on and off-line to eliminate microbiological fouling but when used in potable water applications, Genesol 32 should be used ‘off-line’.

EAS-Electron Acceptor Solution - Anaerobic Bioremediation of Petroleum Hydrocarbons

by EOS Remediation, LLC

Soil and groundwater clean-up is critical to sustainable business practices across many industries.  Since 2002, EOS Remediation has provided site owners and engineers with innovative, environmentally responsible solutions to remediation challenges through its R&D, products and technologies.

Process Safety

by Mettler - Toledo Int. Inc

Detect Thermal Hazards Early and Design Safety Into The Chemical Process. We must ask ourselves: How much heat will be generated under normal conditions? How will a change in condition, controlled or uncontrolled, change the rate of heat generation? Can our process equipment handle removing the heated generated? Answering these questions with ...

Enki - Water & Wastewater System

by Enki Water Treatment Technologies Ltd

enki supply all kind of equipment and unit which are used in field of water&wastewater treatment. Turbine mixer, paddle mixer, chemical storage tank.

PVC Tanks

by Barat Industrial Plastic Engineering Co.

Polyvinyl chlorid is obtained by polymerization of vinyl chloride in the form of monomer. Polyvinyl chloride (in short PVC) is a hard plastic. Plasticizers are added in order to make it softer and more elastic. PVC is a plastic having pretty larg usage areas. It is one of the products which is the most valuable in chemical industry for chemical ...

PP-DWU AlphaPlus - Polypropylene Tanks

by Barat Industrial Plastic Engineering Co.

Polypropylene tank, pp tank, pp tank manufacturing, Polypropylene is a plastic in define class with lower specific weight. It has good chemical and electrical features and it is rigid. Normally it is used between +0°C, +100°C heat range. It is used in engineering chemistry and electric sectors. The most larger usage area is manufacturing ...

Polyproylene Ventillation Pipe

by Barat Industrial Plastic Engineering Co.

They are used in Industrial fields, Open-closed facilities where chemicals are used, Eloxal, coating, dust powder, galvanization etc. facilities, Chemical storage, transfering facilities, In the facilities where chemical (acid) steam is used. In all special diameters from 0150 mm ' to 0 3000 mm we are manufacturing polypropylene pipes, ...

Enki - C - Horizontal Filter Used to Remove Suspended Solid or Turbidity

by Enki Water Treatment Technologies Ltd

enki-horizontal-c is a horizontal filter is used to remove suspended solid or turbidity from the water. Horizontal pressure filters are especially suited well for the high volume flows required by large municipalities, industries, and power utilities.

Enki - Turbine Mixer Used in Water and Wastewater Treatment Processes

by Enki Water Treatment Technologies Ltd

Turbine mixer is used in water and wastewater treatment processes for mixing and blending of chemicals, for keeping material in suspension. Our turbine mixer constructed with a vertical shaft driven by a speed reducer and electric motor. According to customer requirement we supply also mixers with different blade and speed.

BioSolve Pinkwater - For Oil/Fuel Vapor Suppression, Soil Remediation, Tank Cleaning and Spill Cleanup

by The BioSolve Company

BioSolve Pinkwater is a proprietary, water-based, biodegradable formulation of surfactants and performance additives. In a dilute aqueous solution, Pinkwater creates micro-emulsions (micelles) when vigorously applied to hydrocarbon contaminants. These micellular emulsions perform three essential functions that are common requirements across ...

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