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Decontamination Systems

by Epcon Industrial Systems, LP

Decontamination chambers are designed to operate under hazardous conditions and elevated temperatures to safely remove.

Saturn - Quad Shaft Shredder

by Granutech-Saturn Systems

Granutech Saturn Systems designs and manufactures high quality quad shaft shredders for applications that require uniform size reductions. With over 40 years of experience manufacturing durable, high performance shredders, Saturn has expertise working with a broad range of materials and can design a shredder that will meet your exact size ...

Petrochemical Wastes

by Tetronics (International) Ltd

Traditionally, the Petrochemical Sector has operated with basic technological solutions, with ultimate reliance on High Temperature Incineration (HTI) and landfill in order to deal with their hazardous wastes. However, tightening regulation, increasing landfill costs and social responsibilities are driving companies to look at alternative methods ...

Husky® - Aluminum or Steel Frame Decontamination Pools

by Husky® Portable Containment

Husky®'s Folding Frame Decontamination Pools are built with a steel frame or aluminum frame and utilize a 22 oz. pvc liner. Standard sizes are listed below, but we can manufacture a tank to fit any size requirement.

Husky® - Air Wall Decontamination Pools

by Husky® Portable Containment

Husky®'s Air Wall Decontamination Pools are designed with an air chamber for the perimeter wall construction. The pools come standard with a Schrader valve, boat valve and pressure relief valve and are very lightweight and easily stored. Standard sizes are listed below, but we can manufacture a tank to fit any size requirement.

Husky® - Self Supporting Decontamination Pools

by Husky® Portable Containment

Husky®'s Self Supporting Decontamination Pools have a unique foam flotation collar that allows the sides to rise with the level of the liquid entering the pool. These pools are built with a round base and top opening. Standard sizes are listed below, but we can manufacture a tank to fit any size requirement.

ENVOPUR - MFI - Standard Mikrofiltration

by EnviroChemie GmbH Technology for Water

Envopur microfiltration plants are used in the bypass back to the bath. An integrated feed pump fills the feed tank of the plant. As soon as the tank's capacity is reached, the circulation pump pushes the degreasing solution through the membrane module.

Oxymat - Oil and Water Separators

by Oxymat - Oxygen Generators

All compressors produce a condensate with hazardous waste of oil and dirt. This condensate must be treated with care. The product is polluted and must not be led out in the sewage or on the floor. The contaminated water should be collected in an Oil and Water separator. The separator will separate the condensate into water and oil through a secure ...

Decontamination Equipment

by Interstate Products Inc

Decon berms made in any size and for a variety of applications. Decon berms in any size or shape. Available in a variety of heights. Many different fabrics and options available to suit you needs. Contact us for more information. Excellent for containment of liquids in first response, wash down and disaster management applications.

Apple Environmental Meth Remover Pallet 12 x $179

by Apple Environmental

Apple Environmental Meth Remover is available to be ordered by the pallet.  If ordering 12 boxes (5 gallon boxes) or more the price is reduced to $179.00 per box, making it $35.80 per gallon. Light freight shipping needs to be set up over the phone and prices quoted.  Please call 801-871-5906 to place order and get shipping prices.

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