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Noise Barriers

by ABSORSOR Industria, Lda

Absorsor Noise Barriers are fabricated in Portugal in accordance with EN 1793-1 and EN 1793-2 standards. Absorsor Indústria supplies the panels and can also execute turn-key projects that include: Environmental Impact Statement with noise control solutions. Structural dimensioning of the barrier pilars. Production and Installation (including civil ...

Model BAS003 - Directional Sound Source

by Larson Davis, a division of PCB Piezotronics

The BAS003 Source is designed to generate homogeneous sound fields using random noise in compliance with the following standards: Building acoustics (insertion loss, acoustic absorption area, etc: ISO 140-3, ASTM E90, ISO 140-5, ASTM E966). The BAS003 is typically used to generate a noise in a free-field for the evaluation of the transmission loss ...

Noise Barriers, Acoustic Walls, Noise Abatement

by ATCO Emissions Management

To absorb noise from railways, light rail transit, roadways and construction sites, or stand-alone equipment, ATCO Emissions Management offers you a complete portfolio of proprietary noise barriers and acoustical blankets.

Metal Noise Barriers - ALPHAfon-MB


The metal noise barriers ALPHAfon-MB is composed from a galvanized metal sheet at the external side and perforated metal sheet at the internal side. The external faces can be paint in any RAL color. The two ends of the metal barrier are properly formed (male-female) in order to achieve perfect sound sealing but also to improve its bending ...

Transparent Noise Barriers - ALPHAfon-TB


Transparent Noise barriers ALPHAfon-TB are used when noise insulation and visual contact are simultaneously required. They can be used in motorways, railways, schools and building sites.

Sonex - Curtain Barrier Septum (BS)

by Pinta Acoustic GmbH

SONEX Curtains BS combine sound absorption and noise barrier properties into one product. An effective “sandwich” of layers, SONEX Curtain BS consists of quilted vinyl-faced layers of willtec® foam bonded on both sides of noise barrier material producing a curtain that both contains and absorbs noise. They are ideal for areas where ...

SVANTEK - SV 211 - Environmental Noise Monitoring Station


The SV 211 is a weather protected, portable environmental sound monitoring station dedicated for periodical measurements. The major applications of this system are:  periodical on-line noise monitoring, building construction site monitoring,  acoustic map making,  verification of the noise barrier efficiency. SV 211 is compatible ...

Pulsar - 22 - Noise DoseBadge Systems

by Pulsar Instruments plc

Pulsar Instruments’ noise doseBadges help assess and capture the true daily exposure of workers to dangerous noise levels. This metal wireless cone-shaped unit, usually worn on the upper body, is a self-contained measuring device that has no displays, cables or controls, making it the perfect solution to help prevent noise-induced hearing ...

ACRYLITE - Soundstop

by Armtec

ACRYLITE Soundstop (formerly PARAGLAS Soundstop) products are transparent barriers that can enhance scenic views along roadways, improve commercial visibility, reduce the apparent height of a noise wall, and increase the amount of sunlight in neighbouring yards. They have been popular in Europe and Asia for decades.

MST - Type VMA - Vegetation Mats

by MST Engineering GmbH

Our engineering division developed production lines type VMA for manufacturing vegetation mats up to a thickness of 150 mm. Vegetation mats are used for extensive green roofs, as plant mats of vegetable/flowers in greenhouses or as green noise barrier walls. Green roofs absorb 60-100% of the rainfall, fend for the thermal insulation in the winter ...

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