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Legipid - Legionella Fast Detection Technology

by IRIS Technologies International GmbH     based in Olathe, KANSAS (USA)

The Legipid® test can quickly and effectively detect the amount of free and intact Legionella pneumophila (all serogroups) in water, based on the capture of the bacterium by an interaction that depends on the integrity of the cell envelop, as recognized sensing element regulating the infectivity of this bacterium.

CEIA Technology - Pathogen Control

by IRIS Technologies International GmbH     based in Olathe, KANSAS (USA)

Biotica offers through IRIS Technologies fast microorganism detection techniques. We combine immunomagnetic capture with enzyme immunoassay (C.E.I.A) with a view to enhancing the capacity to evaluate the risk associated with pathogen bacteria, quickly and reliably.

Legionella Detection

by IRIS Technologies International GmbH     based in Olathe, KANSAS (USA)

Legionella is a strong survivor in artificial water systems. It reaches buildings and facilities through water supply and distribution networks. It can develop and multiply itself quickly reaching dangerous concentrations. Next, if channeled through aerosols, it has a high likelihood of infecting humans. Timely action in risk facilities is crucial ...

Libox - Legionella Information Box

by Bioquímica Analítica, S.L.     based in Castellón de la Plana, SPAIN

Knowing the recurrent appearance of cases of legionellosis worldwide has motivated us to help for protecting public health. We taken time to promote the incorporation of rapid techniques for detecting Legionella, without breaking the standard process of culturing and maximizing the use of only one concentrate from only one water sample.

Biotica - Model MP Hunter 2 - Non Electronic Device

by Bioquímica Analítica, S.L.     based in Castellón de la Plana, SPAIN

Biótica offers a non electronic device low cost, that will allow to analyze samples 2 by 2, it is the MP Hunter 2. If you use MP Hunter 2 ( previously named support with two cuvettes) you will be able to analyze form 1 to 14 samples at the same time. You only have to acquire as many MP Hunter 2 as you will need. This unit doens't generate ...

Biotica - Model MP Hunter 4 - Low-Cost Mobile Device

by Bioquímica Analítica, S.L.     based in Castellón de la Plana, SPAIN

Biótica offers a low-cost mobile device for the optimization of the Legipid for rapid detection of Legionellasp. in water samples. The MP Hunter 4 device ( magnetic particles hunger) can simultaneosly process up to 40 test in 1 hour, doing 2 batches of 20 analysis. It is a modular and reusable system that allows 4 test modules to be added.

Mericon - Legionella Pneumophila Kit - For Specific Detection of Legionella Pneumophila

by QIAGEN     based in Hilden, GERMANY

The mericon L. pneumophila Kit is designed for the detection of Legionella pneumophila in water after filtration. The mericon L. pneumophila Kit can detect as few as 10 copies of L. pneumophila DNA in a reaction and exhibits high specificity. No cross-reactivity was observed with other pathogens using 2500 copies of tested DNA. Visit our website ...

mericon Legionella spp Kit

by QIAGEN     based in Hilden, GERMANY

For the detection of pathogens in food or animal feed samples using real-time PCR, Highly sensitive and specific detection of a broad range of pathogens, Streamlined and uniform detection protocol for all targets, Coupled to dedicated sample preparation solutions for all pathogen types, PCR run time of 73 minutes on QIAGEN's Rotor-Gene Q, Full ...

Legionella Control Disinfection

by Aquadron     based in Birmingham, UNITED KINGDOM

The Aquadron is GUARANTEED to kill pathogens such as Legionella and Pseudomonas. It is a water disinfection system that is active 24 hours a day, seven days a week. The Aquadron makes a powerful biocide, that acts directly against bacteria and removes the biofilm that harbours it. It can be used for hot water treatment and cold water treatment. As ...

XzioX - Model BFR - Biofilm Removal /Shock Dosing and Legionella Control

by XimaX Water Solutions     based in Brentwood, UNITED KINGDOM

Custom made to client own specification & concentration. Currently being used extensively for biofilm removal /shock dosing and legionella control in a number of different application including Oil & gas industries.

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