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Cameo/Aloha HAZMAT Weather Systems

by Climatronics Corporation

Accurate and rugged weather systems that can be installed quickly and easily are vital for First Responders at HAZMAT spill and Homeland Security response locations. You can depend on Climatronics portable Cameo/Aloha HAZMAT Weather Systems and PARTAC Particulate Profilers to reliably support your command, control and cleanup activities.

Bauer - MII-D/Dv - Breathing Air Compressors

by Bauer Compressors, Inc.

Total solutions for law enforcement, security, facilities management, fire, rescue, clothing, marine craft and emergency / disaster response. NAICS Code # 333912. Want to accelerate filling a SCBA or SCUBA cylinder? Look to the MII-D/DV to fulfill your portable needs. Included are a high capacity 3-stage pressure lubricated compressor, an Arc ...

Bauer - C-D/DV/NAVY - Diesel Engine Drive

by Bauer Compressors, Inc.

Total solutions for law enforcement, security, facilities management, fire, rescue, clothing, marine craft and emergency / disaster response. NAICS Code # 333912. Whether your requirement is filling an SCBA or SCUBA cylinder look to the C-D/DV/NAVY to fulfill your portable needs. A rugged light-weight steel tubular frame supports all pressure ...

Gryphon - Portable Asset Tracking and Satellite Communication Device

by Fastwave

Fastwave's unique Gryphon provides an ideal solution for temporary tracking of aircraft, vehicles or vessels where permanent installation is undesirable or impractical. In addition, it has an integrated Iridium satellite phone for global voice and SMS communication, wireless panic alarm and re-chargeable battery pack that provides up to 72 hours ...

Ready - Chemical Storage Bladders Tanks

by Ready Containment, LLC

Ready Containment, LLC. manufactures a full line of chemical storage bladders that can be built to store chemicals, such as chlorine, magnesium chloride, salt water, acids, mineral oils, gray water and more. Our Chemical Storage bladders are the perfect solution for equipment maintenance, pools service, transformer service and spill recovery. The ...

Worlds First Multi-Purpose Engineered System - T4-4 - SPARC SuperCluster

by Oracle Crystal Ball GBU

SPARC SuperCluster T4-4 enables the rapid deployment of high performance applications, the consolidation of complex enterprise workloads, and the replacement of aging servers. It greatly reduces system complexity, project risk and operating costs while dramatically improving system performance, utilization, availability, and security.

Rig Rat - III - Wireless Multi-point Detection System

by BW Technologies - a Honeywell Company

The Rig Rat III wireless multi-point system continuously monitors for toxic gases, combustibles and oxygen hazards. The self-contained, intrinsically safe site controller is equipped with built-in alarms for instant notification. Independent power, wireless digital signal transmission and plug-in options provide total flexibility. Engineered for ...

Our Ecosystem (OE) Mapping Platform

by Ecometrica

Access information from satellites and other data sources to build knowledge, manage risks and identify opportunities around the world. Our Ecosystem (OE) is a ground-breaking mapping platform that combines powerful data sharing and querying capabilities with satellite imagery and analytical tools, allowing you to easily monitor your worldwide ...

Mycometer Air - Airborne Fungal Biomass Testing

by Mycometer

Mycometer-air is a versatile analytical tool for quantifying airborne fungal biomass on-site. This method was developed by research mycologists at the University of Copenhagen in collaboration with building inspectors and mold remediation specialists. The aim was to specifically develop a rapid, repeatable method for professionals to use when ...

Sanitizer - Self-Contained Toilet

by Clean Up America, Inc.

The Sanitizer Toilet is a compact (30” w x 17” d x 20” h) self-contained toilet that is ideal for homes, buildings, recreational vehicles, and other locations where traditional sanitation is unavailable or impractical.  The Sanitizer’s  small size makes it easy to locate it exactly where a toilet is most needed, ...

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