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Empteezy - Model SS1 - Steel Dry-goods Store

by Empteezy     based in Livingston, UNITED KINGDOM

This steel dry-goods store is robust and secure with the sides and apex-style roof manufactured from 2mm mild steel and the base from 3mm steel. The hinged door provides a clear opening of 2m x 750mm and is fitted with a locking handle as well as a hasp and staple padlock device (padlock not included) which is protected by a security cover. The ...

IX100 Site Manager (formerly WEMSprogrammer)

by WEMSinternational     based in Stockport, UNITED KINGDOM

The IX100 site management device acts as the hub for all the wireless sensors and Input/Output modules on the site. Ethernet or 3G connection to the internet via a secure link enables all the site data they store to be remotely collected by our Enterprise manager application, and scheduling and set-point changes remotely applied.  The

Model HE250EX - Explosion Proof Fan Coil

by Dryair     based in Ohio, OHIO (USA)

250,000 BTU Output, ideal for heating and climate control in oil and gas or other applications where risk of spark is a concern. Class 1, Div 1 explosion proof motor complies with oil and gas site safety regulations. Heat can be delivered...

Ice Detection Sensors

by Automasjon and Data AS     based in Sandnes, NORWAY

Working in sites exposed to icing can be extremely dangerous to working personnel if not warned in time. Ice can make steps and ladders slippery and make work situations at heights or emergency evacuation more dangerous than allowable. Wind turbines — in particular offshore, and offshore oil and gas platforms — in particular in arctic ...

S.O.S. Colorized Emergency Navigational System

by Foremost Safety Solutions, Inc.     based in Macedonia, OHIO (USA)

SOS gives Responders digital access to your facilities site and Floor plans. SOS transforms your hard to read blueprints into an easy to follow digital Pdf File. We’ll carefully revise and update your current plans. Including the critical information needed by Emergency Responders.

Newport - Emergency Response Equipment Container

by Newport Environmental Technologies     based in Costa Mesa, CALIFORNIA (USA)

For a quick response time you must have a well thought out, prepared strategic plan in place. The Emergency Response Equipment Container or ERB is the answer! Minimize environmental impact with less remediation afterwards. Stay one step ahead with Local Enforcement Agency regulations. ERB contains a wide range of equipment and materials for all ...

Model DCMT3 - Earthing and Grounding System

by Emco Wheaton - Gardner Denver     based in Margate, UNITED KINGDOM

To avoid dangerous sparks between a component and the tank during the loading operation, the tank must be earthed. The basic function of the DCMT 3 is to automatically earth the tank to the ground, preventing dangerous sparks between the rig and the tank and minimizing operator error. DCMT3 is programmable and changes to the ...

Model HPI 4 - Multiplier of Pressure

by Neron Pumps     based in Ranica-(BG), ITALY

Hydraulic tools: rescue scissors, spreading tools, hydraulic high torque wrenches, rescue and lifting cylinders, tree scissors, pressing, caulking and tensioning tools.Hydrostatic pressing for sintering and production of ceramic parts. Hydraulic presses using increased pressure in the speed cycle and safe ultra-high pressure at low speed, thus ...

Model ERB 3000 - Emergency Response Equipment Container

by Compass Molded Products, LLC     based in Riverside, CALIFORNIA (USA)

Road ready trailer sitting at your yard ready for immediate dispatch to any situation. Can attach to all pickup trucks with a 2” ball. Rear jacks to keep level and stable while in use. Keeps cleaned up spill materials contained properly during transportation.

Flaring Solutions for the Midstream Oil and Gas industry - Marine Loading Terminal

by ABUTEC LLC     based in Kennesaw, GEORGIA (US) (USA)

Barge and marine vessel loading facilities are key players in the midstream oil and gas pipelines. These facilities must have a system specifically designed to control and combust the vapors inherently produced in the oil cargo transfer process. Additionally, potential hazards related to the loading of barges and vessels are great, and include ...

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