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Fish Guidance System – Bio Acoustic Fish Fence (BAFF)

by Ovivo (Formerly Eimco Water Technologies)

There is an increased awareness of the impact of water abstraction on aquatic life and this is reflected by legislation in the USA and, increasingly in Europe, requiring abstractors of water to undertake measures to reduce the “impingement” and “entrapment” of aquatic species. Ovivo’s Bio Acoustic Fish Fence (BAFF) ...

Acoustic Fencing & Barriers

by JCW Acoustic Supplies

A range of acoustic fencing, sound barriers and gates combining high performance and economy. Manufactured to the most demanding standards and ideal for residential, commercial, industrial, railway and highway applications.

SoundBar Acoustic Barrier

by Sound Reduction Systems Ltd

Soundbar is a high performance, semi-flexible acoustic barrier designed to reduce sound transmission through suspended ceiling voids. Installed from the soffit to the partition head, Soundbar is ideal where partitions or walls are installed to the underside of a suspended ceiling. For ease and speed of installation, it can be installed from one ...

Model BAS003 - Directional Sound Source

by Larson Davis, a division of PCB Piezotronics

The BAS003 Source is designed to generate homogeneous sound fields using random noise in compliance with the following standards: Building acoustics (insertion loss, acoustic absorption area, etc: ISO 140-3, ASTM E90, ISO 140-5, ASTM E966). The BAS003 is typically used to generate a noise in a free-field for the evaluation of the transmission loss ...

IAC - Gas Turbine Acoustic Enclosures

by IAC Acoustics

The enclosure for a gas turbine installation used for power generation serves a number of different purposes including weather protection, turbine cooling, fire protection and an effective acoustic barrier. IAC Acoustics has extensive experience built up over a number of years in providing the best possible acoustic enclosures for a wide variety ...

Sound Stop

by Sound Reduction Systems Ltd

Soundstop is a multi-purpose acoustic barrier, suitable for many applications where the breakout of sound is a problem. In construction Soundstop is ideal for use in ceiling voids or within partition walls. For machinery, Soundstop can be applied to housings or enclosures and used to wrap noisy services and pipes.  Soundstop is pleasant and ...

Construction Products

by Saint-Gobain

The Construction Products Sector provides solutions adapted to every type of requirement: acoustic and thermal insulation, exterior wall covering, roofing, interior and exterior fittings and piping.

UL - 2253 - Low Density Open-Cell Polyurethane Insulation

by Ultimate Linings, LTD

UL 2253 is a microcellular acoustic spray-applied polyurethane (SPF) foam system designed for insulation applications. UL 2253 is compatible with most common construction materials, but should only be processed with UL 2253 Isocyanate. The benefits of UL 2253 include: Superior insulation performance, Ease of application, Non-fibrous , Sound ...

Troy System

by Troy Acoustics Corporation

The Troy System has received a 72 STC, the highest sound transmission class rating of any known standard-designed acoustical product in the world from Riverbank Acoustical Laboratories (RAL), the most accredited sound laboratory in North America. The Troy System also possesses a two-hour fire rating by Underwriters Laboratory, a thermal insulation ...

Pulsar - 22 - Noise DoseBadge Systems

by Pulsar Instruments plc

Pulsar Instruments’ noise doseBadges help assess and capture the true daily exposure of workers to dangerous noise levels. This metal wireless cone-shaped unit, usually worn on the upper body, is a self-contained measuring device that has no displays, cables or controls, making it the perfect solution to help prevent noise-induced hearing ...

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