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Acoustic Enclosures

by BBM Akustik Technologie GmbH     based in Mülheim, GERMANY

Noise reduction is required by law in working areas in industrial plants as well as residential areas in the vicinity of plants. Acoustic enclosures are installed to absorb sound produced by noisy machines and equipment, thus minimizing the noise affecting the outside environment. The sound-insulation properties of enclosures are mostly dependent ...

Acoustic Enclosures

by Sound Planning Limited     based in Farnham, UNITED KINGDOM

The 'Whisper' Generator Enclosure has been specially designed for noise critical environments such as hospitals, construction sites, music festivals and outside broadcasts. Working in conjunction with Ground Power Ltd (Generator and Power Supply Specialists), Sound Planning have designed and tested the 'Whisper' Enclosure with extremely successful ...

Acoustic Enclosures

by Wakefield Acoustics Ltd     based in Cleckheaton, UNITED KINGDOM

Wakefield Acoustics designs, manufactures and installs a wide range of acoustic enclosures. From standard proprietary models through to custom designed full turn key solutions, we work closely with OEM’s, end users, contractors and consultants to address complex noise problems across a wide range of industries. Each acoustic enclosure is ...

Acoustic Enclosures

by BBM-CPG Technology, Inc.     based in Laurens, SOUTH CAROLINA (USA)

As a leading supplier of industrial noise control BBM Akustik Technologie offers enclosures for all kind of noise source. For the reduction of noise made by machines and mechanical units, we deliver acoustic enclosures, tailor-made for the particular situation, for both indoor and outdoor use. We place highest value on stable, long-life design, ...

Industrial Acoustic Enclosures

by E.I.Williams Industries     based in Ajax, ONTARIO (CANADA)

E.I. Williams provides you with a wide selection of Industrial Enclosures that can meet your design requirements involving Industrial Enclosures. Industrial enclosures designed and created by E.I. Williams provide necessary protection both in a functional and creative way to enhance the value for your product with its appealing design. ...

IAC - Gas Turbine Acoustic Enclosures

by IAC Acoustics     based in Winchester, UNITED KINGDOM

The enclosure for a gas turbine installation used for power generation serves a number of different purposes including weather protection, turbine cooling, fire protection and an effective acoustic barrier. IAC Acoustics has extensive experience built up over a number of years in providing the best possible acoustic enclosures for a wide variety ...

Engine Acoustic Enclosures

by E.I.Williams Industries     based in Ajax, ONTARIO (CANADA)

Engine Enclosures are a very important part of any engine package. EI Williams specializes in a variety of different enclosures including industrial engine enclosures, air compressors, irrigation enclosures and EPG rental markets found in such things as sound attenuated, base frame mounted or the drop over styles.

Sound Enclosures

by Bilfinger Gerber GmbH     based in Dortmund, GERMANY

Bilfinger Gerber produces noise enclosures for complex plants and a wide range of different industrial facilities. The all-in solution can also include additional elements such as hall ventilation, doors, gates, roller shutters and explosion flaps. The systems used ensure effective noise suppression across entire acoustic frequency range.

Acoustical Enclosures, Acoustic Panels, Sound Enclosures

by ATCO Emissions Management     based in Calgary, ALBERTA (CANADA)

Equipment Noise Control Solutions: With nearly 400 acoustic enclosure installations worldwide and a 100% delivery record, ATCO Emissions Management's equipment noise control solutions are available whenever and wherever you need them - and at affordable prices.

Acoustical Equipment Enclosures

by Acoustical Systems, Inc.     based in Vandalia, OHIO (USA)

Acoustical enclosures meet high noise reduction requirements by designing the panel construction to provide maximum attenuation at the predominant frequency of the noise source being enclosed. Non-acoustical factors such as ventilation, lighting, physical access, visual access, and fire suppression are also an integral part of the design.

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