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Dust Explosion Prevention and Protection: A Practical Guide

by IChemE (Institution of Chemical Engineers)

This guide was originally published in three parts forming the first authoritative, comprehensive and accessible guidance for dust explosion prevention and protection published in the UK. Now under one cover, this revised edition incorporates new research and information, particularly in relation to containment and venting of dust explosions, and ...;

Forklift Safety

by BLR - Business & Legal Resources

This booklet goes a long way toward helping each individual in your organization understand the importance of diversity in the workplace. Your employees will get a sense of why diversity is essential in your organization and will understand the challenges it can create. Get everyone to embrace this critical workplace issue--a good way to initiate ...;

API STD 600 For Petroleum Refining Standards

by American Petroleum Institute (API)

This International standard specifies the requirements for a heavy-duty series of bolted bonnet steel gate valves for petroleum refinery and related applications where corrosion, erosion and other service conditions would indicate a need for full port openings, heavy wall sections and large stem diameters.This International standard sets forth the ...;

A Survey of Radial Velocities in the Zodiacal Dust Cloud

by Springer

The Zodiacal Light, that misty diffuse cone of light seen in the West after Sunset and the East before Sunrise, is a beautiful and intriguing phenomenon. Even though everyone can enjoy the sight from a suitably dark location, it is poorly understood, and has been the subject of relatively little research. Brian May began his research into the ...;

The Geography of Phytochemical Races

by Springer

This is the first book containing an overall survey of natural product distribution pattern variation. Presented in this book is an overview of geographic patterns in the distribution of plant secondary metabolites in natural populations.Following an introduction that includes definitions of phytochemical and biogeographic ideas, information is ...;

Welding Safety: Safe Work With Hotwork (Video)

by Dupont Sustainable Solutions

Welding safety that's as hard as steel. In hotwork operations, safety is a burning issue. But through this program, you can cool down the risks and torch the dangers. It details various types of welding and corresponding vital precautions.Personal hazardsHazardous fumes and substancesEquipment safetyIncludes 10 free handbooks.;

Refractories, Activated Carbon; Advanced Ceramics

by ASTM International

The majority of these standards pertain to refractories. Some establish procedures for assessing the types of refractories, while others are more specific and aimed at the properties of basic refractories, carbon and carbon-ceramic brick, fireclay refractories, insulating firebrick, mortars, plastics, and castables, and silicon refractories.Also ...;

Disposal of Oil and Debris Resulting from a Spill Cleanup Operation

by ASTM International

This publication, Disposal of Oil and Debris Resulting from a Spill Cleanup Operation, contained papers presented at the Symposium on Disposal of Oil and Related Materials and Debris Resulting from a Spill Cleanup Operation which was held in Denver, Colorado, 6—7 November 1978. The symposium was sponsored by Committee F20 on Spill Control ...;

People-Based Safety Paricipant Workbooks

by Dupont Sustainable Solutions

Provide a set of these workbooks to each trainee to reinforce the PBS concepts: Acting, Coaching, Thinking, Seeing.These workbooks are used to teach the PBS concepts of ACTS (Acting, Coaching, Thinking, Seeing) to your employees in an engaging classroom format. The materials will give your instructor the flexibility to add your ...;

Gravitational Systems of Groundwater Flow: Theory, Evaluation, Utilization

by Cambridge University Press

This book recognises groundwater flow as a fundamental geologic agent, and presents a wide-ranging and illustrated overview of its history, principles, scientific consequences and practical utilization. The author, one of the founding fathers of modern hydrogeology, highlights key interrelationships between seemingly disparate processes and ...;

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