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DESMI Ro-Clean - Model A-Boom - Oil Containment Boom

by DESMI A/S     based in Noerresundby, DENMARK

DESMI Ro-Clean has developed a new, very environmentally friendly Fence Boom which will suit most protection purposes with regard to Oil Spill Response in a large number of protected water areas. The boom is known as “A-BOOM”.

DESMI - Model RO-BOOM Series - Oil Containment Boom

by DESMI A/S     based in Noerresundby, DENMARK

RO-BOOM is available in a wide variety of sizes to suit all operating conditions - from the largest 3.5 meter (RO-BOOM 3500) model, down to inshore models with 0.6 meters overall. Each of them share the advanced materials and construction techniques perfected over 25 years.

DESMI - Model RO-FENCE - Oil Containment Booms

by DESMI A/S     based in Noerresundby, DENMARK

DESMI Ro-Clean offers a diverse range of inshore and coastal oil containment booms to meet your operational needs, whether that is fast response, ease of deployment or longevity. RO-FENCE is a robust buoyancy boom for long-term deployment, manufactured in robust materials designed to withstand harsh effects of abrasion, UV, oil and marine ...

Containment Oil Booms - Containment Booms "ECONAD"

by SIE `ECONAD`     based in Odessa, UKRAINE

SIE 'ECONAD' develops and supplies various modifications of booms:- Floating Booms.- Containment Booms with flat float chamber.- Inflatable booms.- Absorbent booms.Booms 'ECONAD' are used for:- Containment of dirt on the water surface,- Movement and accumulation of oil in the event of an oil spill;- Protection of coastlines, harbors, ...

AirMax - Oil Containment Boom

by Oil Control Systems     based in TV Monster, NETHERLANDS

AirMax is a versatile inflatable oil containment boom be manufactured from high quality Urethane fabric. The AirMax range of booms are designed for compact storage and quick deployment - important characteristics when dealing with a spill response.

UNIBOOM - Model HD-series - Oil Containment Booms

by Enviro Team AS     based in Nesbru, NORWAY

The UNIBOOM range also includes a wide range of conventional inflation type boom for coastal and offshore applications. The UNIBOOM NO-60/80/100-HD-series is a conventional inflation boom for protected and open waters. Segmented buoyancy chambers are inflated individually by hand using a backpack air blower or compressor. The boom is easily ...

Model Barrier-Sorb series - Oil Containment Booms

by ECOservice-NEFTEGAZ Ltd     based in Zhukovsky, RUSSIA

The Barrier-Sorb series absorbing oil booms manufactured by company ECOservice-NEFTEGAZ» are designed for efficient containment of oil, petroleum products and other pollutants spilled over water surface. The offered oil booms are effective to use as for efficient containment of oil, petroleum products and other pollutants spilled over water ...

PSI - Model SpillMaster - Basin Oil Containment Boom

by H2W LLC     based in Scottsdale, ARIZONA (USA)

Perfect for marinas and fueling facilities. The Basin oil containment boom is rapidly deployed by one or two people. The bottom-tensioned curtain boom designed for Quiet waters, Holding ponds and Settling Basins. Lightweight, durable, and convenient. Overall height 12' --4' diameter solid polyethylene flotation, 8' draft skirt, 1/4' galvanized ...

NOFI - Model 1000 - Oil Containment Booms

by AllMaritim AS     based in Mathopen, NORWAY

The NOFI 1000 series consist of reliable manual inflatable oil containment booms specially designed for optimal performance under demanding coastal conditions. Due to its perfect design and superb wave-follower characteristics, Ohmsett test has reported clearly established increased flexibility regarding towing speed and maneuverability. The NOFI ...

Floating Oil-Containment Boom

by Hydrotechnik Lübeck GmbH     based in Lübeck, GERMANY

The floating oil-containment boom is the oldest method of combating oil spills on water. It consists of a floating buoy, to which a skirt made of absorbent material is attached. The skirt contains the oil and the buoy takes care of the flotation. Using modern materials and depending on the requirements of the specific ...

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