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Safety Cans

by New Pig Corporation

Our Type I Safety Cans store and dispense flammables through one spout, while our Type II Safety Cans feature a convenient two-spout design. One spout on these industrial containers is for filling and the other has a hose for smooth pouring. The spring-loaded, self-closing lid is airtight to help you control vapors and avoid oil spills. Check out ...

Justrile - 10101 - 1 Litre Type I - Safety Can

by Spill Doctor (SA)

Compliant and economical Justrite Type I safety cans reduce fire risks and make everyday use of flammables easier and safer. Protection features include an 88mm long chemical resistant stainless steel flame arrester that stops flashback ignition, provides faster liquid flow, and offers exceptional durability. The self-venting, self-closing ...

Type II - Safety Cans


This Type II can has the same easycarry handle as the Type I can with an added fill/vent spout. A flexible hose on the pour spout provides greater accuracy. Counterbalance design eases opening the spout for pouring.

Type I - Safety Cans


Type I Safety Can An economical choice for flammables with the advantage of a comfortable swinging handle for easy carrying, and a unique counterbalance design which leverages the weight of the liquid against the opening mechanism for effortless pouring.

Safety Cans

by New Pig Corporation

Our leading selection of industrial containers and material handling equipment includes safety shelf cans, Type I safety cans, Type II safety cans, and oily waste cans. Get New Pig quality and put workplace safety first with all of our safety cans!

Plunger & Bench Safety Cans

by Eagle Manufacturing Company

EAGLE Safety Plunger Cans are ideal for cleaning with flammable or volatile fluids. They feature brass flame arrestor dasher screens and pump assemblies and comply with OSHA standards. When the dasher plate is pushed down, the safety can dispenses a small amount of liquid to easily moisten sponges or rags without messy or dangerous spills. ...

Laboratory Safety Cans

by Eagle Manufacturing Company

EAGLE Laboratory Safety Cans reduce the danger of explosions resulting from the ignition of vapors of flammable liquids. Cans are available in coated metal, stainless steel and high density polyethylene for safe storage and handling of most chemical compounds.

Justrile - 14065 - 2L - Non-metallic Safety Can

by Spill Doctor (SA)

Space-saving, Type I Oval Polyethylene Safety Cans increase shelf storage capacity by 30%! Trigger mechanism enables the pouring of small quantities of liquid. Leaktight, self-closing cap prevents spillage and automatically vents to guard against explosion. Dual-density flame arrester protects against external heat sources. Justrite's unique ...

SECURALL - A102 - Flammable Safety Can Storage Cabinet

by Carolina Gear Co.

Keep Flammable Liquids close to the work area in a safe and organized way while limiting employee exposure with SECURALL® Safety Storage Cabinets. They are designed to meet safety requirements for the handling of Flammable Liquids.

Metal & Polyethylene Disposal Safety Cans

by Eagle Manufacturing Company

EAGLE Disposal Safety Cans provide an intermediate station for temporary storage of liquid wastes. Spout cap opens to a wide 80° angle and can be locked open for conveniently emptying various type containers. All cans are equipped with a frame arrestor. Cap assembly opens automatically to relieve excessive internal vapor pressures. FM ...

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