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Sprinkler Tanks

by Wolf System GmbH     based in Osterhofen, GERMANY

Sprinkler tanks are used to store the fire fighting water for automatic fire sprinkler systems. We build stand-alone or underground sprinkler tanks. Reinforced concrete round tanks made by WOLF System are excellent for sprinkler water storage purposes.

HighDRO - Fire Protection Tanks

by Granite Environmental, Inc     based in Sebastian, FLORIDA (USA)

Our Fire Protection Above Ground Water Storage Tanks are an integral part of fire protection systems for residential, commercial and institutional facilities. In emergency fire fighting situations, the demand for water can exceed the supply available from the domestic water line. This is especially true for suburban or rural areas served from a ...

Water Spray Deluge Systems

by Gielle     based in Altamura, ITALY

Gielle’s high performance precision components. Water spray deluge systems are typically used in hazardous environments where fires may spread very quickly or where valuable equipment surrounding the fire needs to be cooled. These systems are designed for use in a variety of special hazard applications. Many types of nozzles may be required ...

Aslan - Fire Protection Systems

by Aslan Technologies     based in Burlington, ONTARIO (CANADA)

Fire pump systems use specialized skids designed to provide water to sprinkler systems. They typically have backup power sources such as diesel or gasoline power units that kick in to operate the pump should the normal electrical supply to the pump go down. Rural fire protection also requires large storage reservoirs along with pumps with backup ...

Storage / Sprinkler Tanks

by Electrical & Pump Services Ltd (EPS)     based in Mallow, IRELAND

Manufactured in accordance with the design principles of BS 4994 and EN 976. All vessels manufactured under an approved BS EN ISO 9001:2000 Design and Build Quality Management System. Available with both dry and wet pump rooms/sumps on request. Proven high performance and specialist product storage/holding expertise. Maintenance free and corrosion ...

Model FSNSP - End Suction Fire Pumps

by 3S Norm Pumps     based in Sultanbeyli - Istanbul, TURKEY

NOMINAL FLOW 50 gpm / 11.4 m3/h 1000 gpm / 227 m3/h. NOMINAL PRESSURES (m) 30.

Fire Protection Underground and Aboveground Tanks

by ZCL Composites Inc.     based in Edmonton, ALBERTA (CANADA)

Fiberglass underground and aboveground tanks for fire-protection water are in high demand as a result of increased regulations and insurance industry requirements. Whether it is a sole source of water in rural areas or as a standby water reservoir to supplement a pressurized municipal water system, a Xerxes tank provides maintenance-free, ...

Hydraulic Fire Water Pumps

by Frank Mohn AS     based in Bergen, NORWAY

Framo fire water pumps are one of the most responsive and reliable fire fighting systems available. High reliability fire pumps are of critical importance and must always be ready for rapid response for extinguishing fires in oil and gas facilities. Single stage hydraulic driven pump, slowly rotating during standby – ensuring best possible ...

Fire Fighting Pump Units

by BBA Pumps     based in Doetinchem, NETHERLANDS

Fire fighting pump systems are almost always supplied with customised features. In these situations, BBA Pumps uses the standard high head pumps from the BA series. These pumps are dry self-priming and are available with a maximum pressure of up to 25 bar/360 PSI. The specifications for the engines and total arrangements can vary widely between ...

Model XBD Series - Fire Fighting Pump

by Shanghai Guomei Pump Co.,ltd     based in Qingpu, CHINA

Features: XBD series fire fighting pumps, including multistage pump, horizontal end suction pump, horizontal split casing pumps , vertical inline pumps designed and manufactured in accordance with International Standard, can be motor powered and diesel powered, these pumps are ideal for fire fighting applications in harbors and wharfs, airports ), ...

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