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Model 125 - Smoke Detector

by Codel International Ltd

In the event of fire in a building or other structure, such as an oil rig, Health and Safety regulations require that immediate action be taken to prevent the ingress of smoke and fume into the air-conditioning and ventilation ducts. The Model 125 explosion-proof smoke monitor is specifically designed to be mounted in the ventilation ducts and ...

Model 121 - Smoke Detector

by Codel International Ltd

The Model 121 smoke detector is designed for the early detection of fire within a confined public place. As a roof mounted instrument it utilises CODEL’s well-proven technique of the absorption of transmitted light across a fixed measuring path. Extensively tested for vibration and the unique conditions of rolling stock, the instruments have ...

FireGuard - Smoke Detector

by Sigrist-Photometer AG

The FireGuard measures the scattered light intensity in tunnels with scattering angle, measuring range, response threshold and signal processing being optimized for smoke and fire detection. Air sample is fed through the measuring cell without the use of a fan, effectively preventing from window soiling. Calibration is performed in E/m and can be ...

Det-Tronics - Model U5005 - Smoke Detector

by Det-Tronics - Detector Electronics Corporation

The U5005 Smoke Detector is a sensitive, yet rugged, state-of-the-art protection device that is designed for classified areas in hazardous industrial and commercial locations. The detector is designed to operate effectively with both slow smoldering and fast-burning fires. Includes an external alarm indicating LED and one set of normally open ...

Apollo - Aspirating Smoke Detector (ASD)

by Apollo Fire Detectors Ltd

The Discovery Aspirating Smoke Detector (ASD) is a professional air-sampling unit, designed to compliment analogue addressable system technology. It combines standard field serviceable smoke detectors with a stand-alone air sampling solution to provide protection of difficult to access, environmentally demanding, aesthetic or architecturally ...

Det-Tronics - Model U5006 - Air Duct Smoke Detector

by Det-Tronics - Detector Electronics Corporation

The U5006 is designed to detect the presence of smoke for the primary purpose of controlling blowers and dampers in air conditioning and ventiliation systems. Our U5006 uses the technology of the U5005 mounted into a fiberglass NEMA 4 enclosure. The unit mounts directly to heating, ventilating and air conditioning ducts and uses a cros-sectional ...

Powder Cloud - Model P100 - Air flow detection "smoke"

by MeterMall USA

The P100 Powder Cloud Air Flow 'Smoke' with Borozin Powder creates viewable clouds of fine white powder for studying low-velocity airflow. A high-quality rubber squeeze bulb gives a burst of air through the bottom of the P200 Powder Bottle. Quickly squeeze the bulb one or more times to create a cloud of appropriate size and density to ...

Concept - Smoke Detector Testing System (SDTS)

by Concept Smoke Systems

The Concept SDTS is based on the best selling ViCount Hi temperature smoke system. Unlike conventional water based smokes, the smoke produced by the Concept SDTS is resistant to extremely high temperatures. The unit requires an inert propellant gas, and is supplied complete with a CO2 cylinder and regulator. It is capable of simply and repeatedly ...

F.E. Moran - Smoke Particle-Sensing Fire Detectors

by F.E. Moran Special Hazard Systems

Ideal for applications where smoldering fires are likely to occur, these types of devices can quickly detect a fire: Ionization smoke detectors - measures the conductance between electrodes, making it possible to detect ionized smoke particles and subsequently send a signal to the FACP. Photoelectric light scattering smoke detectors - a good ...

Model JFYSD - Electric Smoke Control Damper

by Foshan Nanhai Jianpin Air Conditionings Co., Ltd.

It is normally closed during normal operation. Smoke detector can execute energizing operation for electromagnet in actuating mechanism through electrical signal (DC24V) outputted from control center in case of fire, so as to automatically open damper and output electrical opening signal. Damper can be opened manually. Remote and manual reset ...

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