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Fire Protection

by Mechanical Design Studio

Automatic Fire Sprinkler Systems, Fire Pumps, Pre-action and dry fire suppression systems, Clean agent fire suppression systems.

Fire Protection

by XI Safety TM Inc

Xi Safety’s Fire Protection Division is the industry leader in developing alternative solutions to prescriptive code requirements, using engineering analysis methods based on defined fire safety goals and objectives.

Combustible Dust

by CH2M Hill Companies, Ltd.

Combustible dust can be an unexpected killer and the potential for catastrophic consequences is often underappreciated until it is too late. A robust combustible dust program will identify the risks of a process, develop systems to reduce the possibility of an occurrence, and mitigate consequences of an event.

Fire Protection

by Enercon Services Inc

Fire protection at nuclear facilities is unlike fire protection anywhere else. The complexity of the issue expands beyond life safety and property protection. Safe shutdown of the nuclear facility and prevention of radioactive material release are also prime considerations. Regulators have increased requirements because of the safety impact of ...

Fire Prevention

by Hazmat Ltd.

The sheer devastating loss and wide spread impact that fires can have on organizations, assets and human life make fire prevention & fire protection a serious concern. Hazmat has extensive expertise dealing with fire in complex environments such as chemical plants, power plants, nuclear facilities, manufacturing facilities and refineries. Our ...


by StinkInc

Fire and smoke damage can be one of the most destructive odors to your property’s value.

Fire Safety

by john becker ingenieure / engineers

Operating industrial and technical systems entails risk of fire in the event of a fault or error. Fire early warning systems and designing for fire safety are important aspects of protecting lives and systems from fire.

Fire Safety

by Pliotron Company of America LLC

The Pliotron CR air filter has been approved by Underwriters’ Laboratories, Inc. (Class II). The polyethylene media is self-extinguishing and will not support combustion; that is, should a fire start on the media, the media will melt and extinguish the flame. The flash point of polyethylene is 710 degrees F.

Fire Prevention


Fires are one of the main causes of production downtimes in industrial facilities. It is thus of vital interest to any company to make sure that fires are prevented. In order to prepare and implement a fire prevention master plan which is tailored to the needs of a company, you need experienced experts who know about the legal and normative ...

Explosion Proof

by Nedap Light Controls

In high risk work environments explosion proof lighting is of vital importance. On oil platforms the smallest spark can ignite a flame with disastrous consequences. Therefore, Nedap Light Controls offers dedicated electronic fluorescent lamp drivers to provide a solution for some of the toughest places. When combined with a compatible enclosure ...

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