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Model HG200 - Mercury Analyser

by Opsis AB

The Opsis HG200 mercury analyser is used in three major monitoring applications –in the ambient air, in industrial areas and in public buildings. The analyser monitors both total and atomic mercury. The portable HG200 is easy to use and install. It presents stable and reliable monitoring in all applications.

Tekran - Model 2505 - Mercury Vapor Primary Calibration Unit

by Tekran Instruments Corporation

The Tekran Model 2505 mercury vapor calibration unit was designed to provide a traceable external standard to audit the Tekran 2537 internal mercury calibration source. However, the Model 2505 provides an accurate and reproducible means of injecting a known quantity of elemental mercury vapor into any analytical system. Since the saturation vapor ...

Model EMP-2 - Portable/Handheld Mercury Analyzer Meter

by Nippon Instruments North America

The model EMP-2 is designed for measuring of gaseous mercury in work environments. It is compact, light-weight and battery-powered and can be carried virtually anywhere. The EMP-2 has sensitivity limits down to 0.1 ug/m3. Measured data is automatically acquired and recorded into a built in data-logger and can be retrieved via PC for data ...

Jerome - Model J405 - Gold Film Mercury Vapour Analyser

by Able Instruments & Controls Ltd

The Jerome J405 has redefined the portable mercury vapour analyser market. Outstanding low level performance and modern communications capabilities combine to create an unrivalled tool for mercury spill detection and clean-up analysis. The J405 utilises AZI’s industry-proven, inherently stable and reliable gold film sensor technology. The ...

Jerome - Model J631 - Jerome J631 Hydrogen Sulphide Analyser

by Ashtead Technology Ltd

The Jerome H2S analyzer from Ashtead Technology is the ideal Hydrogen Sulphide rental solution. The extremely broad measurement range of this portable toxic vapour detector, from 0.001 ppm (1 ppb) to 50 ppm, makes it appropriate for odor nuisance monitoring, scrubber efficiency testing, leak detection, regulatory compliance, corrosion control and ...

Tekran - Model 2505 - Mercury Vapor Primary Calibration Unit

by Enviro Technology Services plc

The Tekran Model 2505 Mercury Vapor Calibration Unit is an ultra-precise and accurate closed-vessel, saturated gaseous mercury source. The 2505 utilizes a thermoelectrically cooled mercury reservoir and dual temperature sensors calibrated against a US National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) traceable source producing exceptionally ...

Portable Mercury Vapor Analyzers

by Detection Instruments Corporation

The newly patented, state-of-the-art gold film MVA Mercury Vapor Analyzer from Reliable Instruments is available as a direct read-out instrument (MVA-1) or as a data logging analyzer with programmable sample intervals (MVA-2). Both instruments measure from 0.001 to over 10.00 mg/m3 and can be regenerated in the field using battery power. The MVA-2 ...

Lumex - Model RA-915M / RP-91C - Portable Zeeman Mercury Analyzer With Attachment

by Lumex Instruments Group

RA-915M mercury analyzer with RP-91C attachment is used for determination of mercury concentration in solid samples  (soil, rocks, sediments, etc.). RP-91C attachment is intended for thermal decomposition of a sample and transferring of bound Hg from ion to atomic form and further determination of atomic Hg using RA-915M analyzer.

Lumex - Model RA-915M / RP-91 - Portable Zeeman Mercury Analyzer With Attachment

by Lumex Instruments Group

RA-915M mercury analyzer with RP-91 attachment is used for determination of mercury concentration in liquid samples (water, blood, urine). RP-91 attachment is intended to transfer bound Hg from ion to atomic form using “cold vapor” technique.

Lumex - Model Light-915 - Mercury Analyzer

by Lumex Instruments Group

Light-915 Mercury Analyzer is a compact instrument designed to address the problems of mercury pollution in a workplace environment and sanitary control. As with all the other Lumex mercury analyzers, the principle of measurement of Light-915 is based on atomic absorption spectrometry with Zeeman background correction, which eliminates the effect ...

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