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Environmental Sensors - Toxic Chemical Monitoring Badges

by Environmental Sensors Company     based in Boca Raton, FLORIDA (USA)

The passive monitoring badges are very easy way to monitor many toxic chemicals. Many organic chemicals can be monitored at onec by using Advanced Chemical Sensors Organic Monitoring badge. Here are some of chemicals that Advanced Chemical Sensors' monitoring badge can monitor.

Owlstone - Model OCAM - Owlstone Chemical Agent Monitor

by Owlstone Nanotech, Inc.     based in Norwalk, CONNECTICUT (USA)

The Owlstone Chemical Agent Monitor is a first of its kind next generation facility air monitor. Continuous (24/7) air monitoring provides chemical detection well below IDLH levels.

MICclean - Chemical 2 Monitor Kit

by BTI Products, LLC     based in Bayfield, COLORADO (USA)

For monitoring any FPS and other piping and tank systems using MICclean™ Chemical 2 cleaning agent to verify chemical has been completely removed from the system.

Model SAM GC-600 - Chemical Hazards Monitor

by Solvias AG     based in Kaiseraugst, SWITZERLAND

The SAM GC-600 Chemical Hazards Monitor is a high-performance analyzer that is based on gas chromatograph technology. It was developed specifically for continuous chemical hazards monitoring, and is used where highly toxic or carcinogenic substances may be present in the production-plant air or in the workplace. Based on its high level of ...

Aerodyne - Model ACSM - Aerosol Chemical Speciation Monitor

by Aerodyne Research, Inc.     based in Billerica, MASSACHUSETTS (USA)

The Aerodyne Aerosol Chemical Speciation Monitor (ACSM) measures quantitative particle mass loading and chemical composition in real-time for non-refractory sub-micron aerosol particles.   Smaller, lower cost and more robust than our AMS instruments, the ACSM is designed for long-term unattended deployment and routine monitoring ...

Prizma - Revolutionary Automatic Chemical Monitoring and Balancing for Private Pools & Spas

by Blue I Water Technologies     based in Rosh Ha’ayin, ISRAEL

Revolutionary Automatic Chemical Monitoring and Balancing for Private Pools & Spas. The PRIZMA revolutionary system automatically measures and balances the chlorine and pH levels in private pools and spas, preventing chemical overdosing and under-dosing and ensuring environmental and personal safety. Now available with Wi-Fi communication for ...

FWS-Control - Chemical Free Monitoring of Boiler Feed Water

by OFS Online Fluid Sensoric GmbH     based in Ronneburg, GERMANY

FWS-Control is a Online-monitoring - and dosing system, which offers a completely new and compact concept for feed water treatment and dosing. The aim of this new concept is to tap the full potential of existing, so far unused, possibilities of reducing vapor and water losses and avoidance of overdosage. Therefore the feed water will be monitored ...

AppliTek IPA - Industrial Process Analyzer

by AppliTek NV - Environmental Analysis Division     based in Nazareth, BELGIUM

The IPA Industrial Process Analyzer was launched as a stripped version of the reference UPA Universal Process Analyzerfor all your industrial process liquid applications, but with limited function and more cost-effective. It is a single parameter analyzer platform with a similar hardware and software architecture, providing top quality with an ...

AppliTek UPA - Universal Process Analyzer

by AppliTek NV - Environmental Analysis Division     based in Nazareth, BELGIUM

The UPA Universal Process Analyzer is the state of the art multiparameter analyzer platform enabling you to monitor precisely critical process parameters. The unique on-line analyzer has been designed to run chemical analysis on most liquid process samples. The flexibility and versatility of the platform allows, in function of the application and ...

Wet-Chemical Process Analyzers

by AppliTek NV - Environmental Analysis Division     based in Nazareth, BELGIUM

In addition to a long track record in on-line titration, AppliTek has designed exemplary multi-parameter and single parameter process analyzers that carry out all wet-chemical measurements on process liquids. Data exchange and supervison tools are a standard features. A wide range of options, add-ons and turnkey solutions complement the state of ...

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