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Drager - SPC 3800 - One-use Overall Chemical Protective Suit

by TST Sweden AB

This chemical protective category III suit protects the wearer against organic and inorganic fluids, radioactive contamination and against viruses and bacteria. Made of Tychem® F. Gloves (butyl) and socks are integrated. The zip fastener is located horizontally on the back of the suit and is covered with a double covering flap. The inside of ...

Vautex Elite - ET - Chemical Suit


Gastight chemical protective clothing protects against solid, liquid, gaseous, or vaporous hazards. Whether in firefighting, civil defense, or general industry, the Vautex Elite suit, together with compressed air breathing apparatus worn inside suit, does just that. This one-piece chemical protective suit offers reliable protection against gases, ...

Lakeland Tychem - BR Fully Encapsulated Level B Suits

by Apollo Safety Inc.

DuPont Tychem BR fabric provides high-quality chemical protection, user flexibility, abrasion resistance and exceptional freedom of movement.

Protective Suits and Clothing

by New Pig Corporation

Our protective suits and clothing provide a wide choice in levels of protection for industrial applications. From hazmat suits to rubber boots and coveralls, New Pig has you covered, literally. Shop our large selection of overshoes, latex boots, disposable coveralls, military chemical suits, work coveralls, and many more industrial safety ...

Lakeland Tychem - TK Deluxe Fully Encapsulated Level A Suit with Wide View Faceshield

by Apollo Safety Inc.

DuPont Tychem TK fabric offers outstanding protection from highly toxic, corrosive chemicals, providing greater than eight-hour holdout times for all ASTM F1001 challenge chemicals.

KERMEL - Fibre for Fire Fighters` Protective Clothing


KERMEL has developed a very wide range of solutions made out from its Kermel® fibre, from fire resistant knitted underwear to fire suits: Fire suits, Wildland suits, Station wear garments,Knits in KERMEL.

DEMRON - Ensemble Suit

by KI Canada ltd.

RST’s Demron W Class 2 Ensemble suit is the only NFPA 1994/2007 class 2 suit to provide total protection for all CBRN threats; chemical warfare agents (CWA’s), toxic industrial chemicals (TIC’s), alpha particles, X radiation, gamma radiation, high energy beta radiation and heat stress.

OPCW CBRN - Protective Garment


This new one-piece CBRN protective overgarment was developed by Blücher in cooperation with the central training division of the OPCW. Through the innovative utilization of a new generation of SARATOGA protective materials, the protective properties of the suit have been increased over the prior generation of OPCW suits, yet the weight of ...

TST UHP Waterjet Water Blast Hydro Demolition Protection Overall Suit with Hand Protection

by TST Sweden AB

Protection against water jets on the front of the legs, the forearms and on the integrated Hand Protection. The neoprene collar seals well against the neck while maintaining freedom of movement. An Overall is always in place, no matter if the operator is climbing on ladders or working in narrow spaces. Ideally combined with Waistcoat for upper ...

Demron - Simple Full Body Suit

by KI Canada ltd.

Demron radiation shielding garments will allow emergency responders to respond to incidents such as transportation accidents involving radioactive materials, terrorist incidents involving radioactive dispersal devices (RDD), or nuclear weapons.

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