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Model I C & I - Containers

by EMF Containers Inc.     based in Brantford, ONTARIO (CANADA)

Our products are constructed utilizing the same technology used in the construction of fibreglass commercial fishing boats. Since these commercial fishing boats are required to go into icy winter waters and withstand extreme weather conditions we are confident our containers are able to withstand tremendous pressure and extremes of temperatures ...

Geocontainment Technology

by Koninklijke Ten Cate nv.     based in Almelo, NETHERLANDS

TenCate Geotube geocontainment technology has protected shorelines, rebuilt beaches, and reclaimed land from the sea.  This technology was developed over 45 years ago to stop storm damage, protect the environment, build custom structures, and even form islands where they did not exist before.  This technology is not only proven, but also ...

Aerosolv - Model 5000 - Aerosol Can Disposal System

by Katec, Inc.     based in Virginia Beach, VIRGINIA (USA)

Eliminate an entire waste stream and reduce disposal costs by puncturing and recycling your aerosol cans. Angled pin ensures a clean puncture every time; punctured cans have no sharp, jagged edges or crushed metal. Two-piece coalescing filter/carbon cartridge captures odors and potentially harmful VOCs. Secure top plate with tightening knob holds ...

Aerosolv - Model 7000XL - Aerosol Can Disposal System

by Katec, Inc.     based in Virginia Beach, VIRGINIA (USA)

The Aerosolv 7000XL Can Puncturing System is specifically designed to comply with California's rigorous vapor emission regulations while minimizing your aerosol can waste stream. Intact, aerosol cans are considered hazardous waste, but once punctured and drained, they can be recycled as scrap steel.

Sludge Hygienization - Pasteurization

by EKOMVO s.r.o.     based in Praha, CZECH REPUBLIC

Equipment consists of recuperative exchanger, pasteurization exchanger and pasteurization container.Equipment works with undrained sludge with dry matter content 5 to 8 %.Non-treated sludge is preheated in recuperative exchanger with utilization of heat recovery from pasteurized sludge.Preheated sludge is warmed by heating water on given ...

TopAir - Polypropylene Fume Cupboard

by TopAir Systems     based in Borehamwood, UNITED KINGDOM

Topair offers a wide range of Polypropylene Fume Cupboards , manufactured from high-quality non-corrosive polypropylene with excellent chemical resistance. Polypropylene increases the product's tensile strength and improves its thermal characteristics. The Polypropylene Fume Cupbpoards protect laboratory staff from noxious fumes released by acids, ...

TopAir - Model Pro Series - Ductless Fume Hood

by TopAir Systems     based in Borehamwood, UNITED KINGDOM

TopAir's new Pro series features innovative, advanced ductless fume hoods. The Pro series comprises cutting edge technology and offers one of the safest and most secure working and operating environments in the world. Pro complies with international standards ASHRAE, EN, CE and ISO.

Spill Kits

by Edge Enviro Services Ltd     based in Minster, UNITED KINGDOM

Edge supply a wide range of spill kits for details please call 0800 970 2112 where we can advise on the appropriate kits for you. Custom Kits also available.

Ambio - Odor Control by Corona Discharge (CD)

by Ambio Biofiltration Ltd     based in Rockland, ONTARIO (CANADA)

Corona Discharge (CD) treats odorous air within a room or space, allowing the air to be re-circulated. It is relatively new to North America but has been successfully used in Germany (and elsewhere) for over 10 years for odor control applications; and has a long track record in indoor air controlling yeasts, moulds, and odors.

Dispersants for Oil & Gas

by Kemira Water Solutions, Inc.     based in Bartow, FLORIDA (USA)

Kemira is a leading manufacturer and provider of dispersant technology that is sold into a number of markets including white pigments, industrial minerals, water treatment, ceramics and oilfield drilling muds.

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