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Kit Combo - Spill Kit without Radwash

by KI Canada ltd.     based in Toronto, ONTARIO (CANADA)

Designed to handle minor radioactive spills and routine contamination problems in the lab, it also includes the emergency procedures and forms to document the spill and decontamination clean up.

NUCLEONIX - Model GC602A - Geiger Counting System

by Global Scientific & Equipment (GSE)     based in Muscat, OMAN

Geiger Counting system type GC602A manufactured by NUCLEONIX is an Advanced Technology based versatile integral counting system designed around eight bit microcontroller chip. This system is highly recommended for research work, apart from, its usefulness in the academic fields for teaching. This system along with wide end window G.M. Tube Type ...

NUCLEONIX - Model RC 605A - Radiation Counting System

by Global Scientific & Equipment (GSE)     based in Muscat, OMAN

Radiation Counting system, type RC605A manufactured by NUCLEONIX is a versatile state of art integral counting system designed around eight bit microcontroller chip for using with a variety of detector probes such as Alpha / Beta / Gamma scintillator detector probe or End window G.M detector probe. The system is suitable for counting Alpha, Beta ...

Holtec International - Model HI-STAR Series - Storage, Transport & Repository Packages

by Holtec International     based in Turtle Creek, PENNSYLVANIA (USA)

The Holtec International Storage, Transport & Repository (HI-STAR) packages are licensed by the U.S. NRC for transport under 10 CFR Part 71, as well as a Type B(U)F-96 transport package in accordance with TS-R-1 in other countries. Licensed HI-STAR transport packages include HI-STAR 100, HI-STAR 180 and HI-STAR 60.

Hi-Q - Model AGX-Series - Silver Impregnated Zeolite Cartridges

by HI-Q Environmental Products Company     based in San Diego, CALIFORNIA (USA)

Nuclear Grade Carbon & Silver Zeolite Cartridges used for the assay of Radioiodine. For evaluation and documentation purposes, HI-Q has all of its individual batches/lots of TEDA Impregnated Carbon and Silver Impregnated Zeolite collection media tested by an outside certified testing laboratory, at multiple flow rates in the cartridge ...

CORAFU - Drums Radiological Control

by Saphymo GmbH     based in Frankfurt am Main, GERMANY

The CORAFU is a processing and display unit used for dose rate measurement in high hamma concentration indoor areas. When one of the pre-set threshold level is exceeded, the unit displays the dose rate and triggers the alarms from the probes, which can be up to 6.

Mierij Meteo - Model MA 11 / MA 12 - Radiation Shields

by Mierij Meteo Nederland     based in De Bilt, NETHERLANDS

A radiation shield, or thermometer shelter, is necessary to ensure accurate measurements of outside temperatures. The shade provided by the shields protects the sensor from direct heating. The radiation shield is made of discs. The special design of the discs permits a natural flow of air through the thermometer shelter, even at very low wind ...

Low Level Radioactive Waste

by ENVIKRAFT A/S     based in Birkerød, DENMARK

LLRW is an acronym for waste defined as Low Level Radioactive Waste. The definition of LLRW can be described as all wastes arising and generated within the area of a nuclear power plant. Such waste is not allowed to be removed from the nuclear power plant or treatment facility. The thermal treatment of the waste in the ENVIKRAFT A/S incinerator ...

Powerbase - Radon Gas Barrier

by Industrial Textiles & Plastics Ltd.     based in York, UNITED KINGDOM

Extruded Radon gas barrier material, Independently certified as a protective membrane for Radon gas, Supplied in rolls for joining on-site, Joints are taped with Powerbond double sided butyl tape.

F&J - Model RMDF-30L - Continuous Portable Radiation Air Monitor


Model RMDF-30L is a portable lightweight continuous beta radiation air monitor that measures near real-time gross radioactivity levels on a 47 mm glass fiber filter paper. The system provides audible and visible alarms based upon an operator selectable activity or concentration value. Gross beta-gamma radioactivity is measured as a Cs-137 ...

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