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Sarasin-RSBD - Safety Valve

by Weir Power & Industrial     based in East Kilbride, UNITED KINGDOM

Safety valves for over pressure and protective solutions. Spring loaded safety relief valves (Starflow, Series 9), Damped spring loaded relief valves, Atmospheric relief valves, Pilot operated safety relief valves, Changeover valves.

Berthold - Model LB 123 D-H10 - Dose Rate Monitor

by Berthold Technologies GmbH & Co. KG     based in Bad Wildbad, GERMANY

The portable dose rate monitor LB 123 D-H10 for measurement of the new quantities ambient dose and ambient dose rate equivalent H*(10), is consisting of the basic evaluation unit LB 1230 UMo and the dose rate probe LB 1236-H10. The dose rate probe LB 1236-H10 ist particularly suitable for low dose rate levels between background up to 10 mSv/h. The ...

GISCO - Model GMS 512 - Multichannel Gamma-Ray Spectrometer

by Geophysical Instrument Supply Co. (GISCO)     based in Minneapolis, MINNESOTA (USA)

The GMS multichannel gamma-ray spectrometer can solve a variety of tasks for surface and borehole surveying. The compact water-proof probe equipped with either a NaI(Tl) or BGO scintillator coupled with sophisticated spectral analysis provides a wide range of high sensitive and accurate measuring applications.

Model Digilert200 - Radiation Monitor

by Qal-Tek Associates     based in Idaho Falls, IDAHO (USA)

This instrument is an excellent, easy to use, general purpose radiation detector for a wide array of applications. It employs an end window GM tube that provides alpha, beta, and gamma sensitivity. Several of its neat features are its ability to download measurement data from the internal memory to a PC, set computer alarms, and calibrate with the ...

GammaRAE - Model III - Gamma Radiation Detector and Full-Range Dosimeter

by Qal-Tek Associates     based in Idaho Falls, IDAHO (USA)

The GammaRAE II R is a gamma radiation detector and full-range dosimeter in a single instrument. Designed specifically to meet the needs of first responders, it has the rapid response of a detector and the accurate dose measurement of a dosimeter.

Holtec International - Model HI-STAR Series - Storage, Transport & Repository Packages

by Holtec International     based in Turtle Creek, PENNSYLVANIA (USA)

The Holtec International Storage, Transport & Repository (HI-STAR) packages are licensed by the U.S. NRC for transport under 10 CFR Part 71, as well as a Type B(U)F-96 transport package in accordance with TS-R-1 in other countries. Licensed HI-STAR transport packages include HI-STAR 100, HI-STAR 180 and HI-STAR 60.

Kit Combo - Spill Kit without Radwash

by KI Canada ltd.     based in Toronto, ONTARIO (CANADA)

Designed to handle minor radioactive spills and routine contamination problems in the lab, it also includes the emergency procedures and forms to document the spill and decontamination clean up.

Model MCB2 - Alpha/Beta/Gamma Contamination Meter

by KI Canada ltd.     based in Toronto, ONTARIO (CANADA)

Detection, localization and quantification of radioactive alpha, beta, gamma or X-ray Detection, localization and quantification of radioactive alpha, beta, gamma or X-ray contamination ■ Very easy-to-use, lightweight and stand-alone ■ Geiger Mueller detector with a 15 cm2 and 2.0 mg/cm2 end window.

Model 6140AD-K-ULAP-1-SIM - Radiological Simulators

by Argon Electronics     based in Luton, UNITED KINGDOM

Large area contamination simulation 6140AD-K probe for Automess 6150AD Responds to safe simulation sources Simulation of partial and full decontamination Simulation of detector cover plate Simulation of contamination of sensor face Perfect for radiation, HazMat and CBRN training, exercises and scenarios.

DeconGel - Model 1101 Gel - For Chemical and Radioactive Clean-Up

by CBI Polymers DeconGel     based in Honolulu, HAWAII (USA)

DeconGel for chemical and radioactive clean-up is available in three convenient, environmentally-friendly versions. With DeconGel 1101 Gel, users can easily decontaminate nearly any source with ease by troweling or brushing the product onto contaminated surfaces. DeconGel offers significant decontamination in all applications.

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