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SAFTAINER - Model 2896 - Transport System

by Croft Associates Limited     based in Abingdon, UNITED KINGDOM

The SAFETAINER 2896 transport system provides a complete, self-contained system for transporting drummed items. It provides pallets for drum handling, a rail based roller conveyor system to load pallets, a SAFETAINER container to meet regulatory requirements for transporting radioactive materials, and a trailer, which provides tie-down for the ...

SAFTAINER - Model 2032 - Container

by Croft Associates Limited     based in Abingdon, UNITED KINGDOM

The container Design No 2032 is a large volume container for the transport of bulk waste containing Radioactive Material. The container is constructed from mild steel and has a removable lid which is secured and fastened on to the container by a bolted closure. The internal and external surfaces are treated with a durable paint finish for ...

Liquid Waste Solidifier

by Arcus Absorbents Inc.     based in Toronto, ONTARIO (CANADA)

LWS is a granular solidifying agent specifically developed to absorb water-based liquids. It is non-toxic, odorless and when wet, swells to form a tight gel that holds water molecules under pressure.


by Clean It Up     based in Surprise, ARIZONA (USA)

Our Drum Products - are Constructed of high quality materials and are used in diverse application and industries - from chemicals to pharmaceuticals, environmental remediation to radioactive waste disposal, transportation to food processing and specialty uses. Poly, Steel, Stainless, Fiber, Specialty.

Model 8550 - In-Drum Compactors and Drum Crushers

by Waste Control Systems Inc     based in Phoenix, MARYLAND (USA)

Model CTI 50 Compactor Series safely compacts dry, solid or saturated hazardous materials and low-level radioactive waste to provide efficient, space-saving storage, reduced hazardous waste disposal fees and minimal hazardous material drum disposal costs.

Thermochemical Treatment System

by ARI Technologies, Inc     based in Kent, WASHINGTON (USA)

ARI's thermochemical treatment process is an effective and economic method for destroying asbestos and for treating other hazardous and radioactive wastes. The process effectively destroys organic and inorganic compounds and immobilizes metals and radionuclides, resulting in a product that is inherently safe and often recyclable.

Drumpak - Model 2948A - Robust Stainless Steel Containment System

by Croft Associates Limited     based in Abingdon, UNITED KINGDOM

Drumpak consists of a robust stainless steel containment system incorporating a sealed closure which is leak tight. The Drumpak is a family of three Drumpaks (Design Nos. 2948, 2949 and 2950), designed to carry a wide range of radioactive material. The large cavity allows flexibility in packing contents and will accommodate all the commonly used ...

Model 8540 - In-Drum Compactors and Drum Crushers

by Waste Control Systems Inc     based in Phoenix, MARYLAND (USA)

Model CTI 40 Series offers an economical, portable and durable in-drum compaction system for compacting hazardous dry, liquid or solid materials or low-level radioactive wastes within a 55-gallon drum. An energy efficient hydraulic system with safety interlock protects personnel and reduces liabilities during operation. An optional used-drum ...

MAECTITE - Chemical Treatment Process

by Sevenson Environmental Services, Inc.     based in Niagara Falls, NEW YORK (USA)

Sevenson Environmental Services, Inc. has conducted all phase of heavy metal chemical fixation, from initial viability study through detailed work plans to full-scale implementation. Sevenson has successfully treated heavy metal contamination on small, relatively uncomplicated sites, as well as large complex sites. This success in treating RCRA ...

OBERG - Model D-60 - Drum & Filter Crushers for Dual Purpose Machine

by Bedford Industries, Inc.     based in Monroe, WASHINGTON (USA)

The Model D-60 is a dual purpose machine. It can be used to compact waste inside the drum or to crush the empty drum itself. By compacting waste into the drum you can realize dramatic savings in handling and disposal fees by getting up to 80% more material into each drum.

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