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ATN - Degasser for Domestic Fridges

by ATN Engineering

Protecting the environment are the key words when we are talking about degassing and de-oiling end of life refrigerators. To avoid any possible contamination of the environment by refrigerant gasses or oil ATN Engineering developed unique, environmental save and highly efficient degassing and de-oiling systems to assure a safe and efficient ...

ATN - Refrigerator Recycling Logistics System

by ATN Engineering

EfficiencyLogistics, the key word for every high efficiency recycling plant. Up to 200 fridges an hour is no problem for our systems.The slowest part in the chain of your recycling plant is deciding about the capacity of your total plant.Maximum capacityMachines have to work on the maximum capacity they are deigned for. Very often the capacity of ...

ATN - Automatic Degassing of Domestic Fridges

by ATN Engineering

Fully automatic degassing of domestic fridges is possible with the use of our unique and patented drill head. We build complete unites that are able to degas and drain oil from refrigerator compressors in less then one minute.

Arcticpeak - Model 210L - Solar DC12-24V Fridge Freezer

by Light By Solar Global

The Arcticpeak 210 Litre Fridge Freezer is built with durability in mind using polyurethane insulation.. It has a precisely engineered built in anti discharge battery module with interior coated steel cabinets with enough capacity to cope with day to day needs. This unit's low energy consumption means it only needs a small photovoltaic (PV) system ...

ATN - Degasser for Domestic Fridges and Airconditioning Units

by ATN Engineering

ATN environmental systems developed a high pressure system(plant) for fast, easy and environmental save degassing an de-oiling of old refrigerators and AC units containing CFC/ODS gasses. ATN's patented drill head and special developed equipment will remove nearly 100% of oil and gasses.

Model CLG-1400G - Refrigerator

by Medline Scientific Limited

CLG-1400G Refrigerator (Glass, Double Door).With advanced safety features, the cold storage system provides a stable refrigerated environment for life science, pharmaceutical, biotechnology, clinical and industrial laboratories.


by Solenthaler Recycling AG

For CFC appliances,the former are associated with substantial CFC emissions; these cooling appliances contain in the compressor and in the foamed isolation the ozone destructible CFC (chlorofluorocarbon). Therefore, they range among the waste devices requiring special supervising. Still today these devices represent 80 percent of all the ...

ATN - Small Degasser for End of Life Refrigerators

by ATN Engineering

Next to the high capacity degassing systems for end of life refrigerators, ATN Engineering developed a small degassing unit that can be placed within your workshop or can be used as a mobile unit where the small degasser is mounted on a trailer.'Plug and play'Simply provide an electrical connection and the system is ready to go. To assure easy ...

Systems for Refrigerator Recycling

by Erdwich Zerkleinerungssysteme GmbH

Technologically advanced solutions for refrigerator shredding and processing. One particular challenge in the refrigerator recycling process is presented by chlorofluorocarbons such as R 11, R 12 or R 141b, which were used for decades as foaming agents for insulation materials. Since these substances damage the Earth’s ozone layer when ...

Refrigerator Recycling Plants

by Europe Recycling Equipment B.V.

The refrigerator recycling plants are high performance, heavy duty systems designed for recycling refrigerators with compressors removed. These systems produce high purity metal fractions and separate plastic and foam. The vertical shredder design produces clean, dense steel fractions which are ideal for transportation.

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