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ATN - Refrigerator Recycling Logistics System

by ATN Engineering

EfficiencyLogistics, the key word for every high efficiency recycling plant. Up to 200 fridges an hour is no problem for our systems.The slowest part in the chain of your recycling plant is deciding about the capacity of your total plant.Maximum capacityMachines have to work on the maximum capacity they are deigned for. Very often the capacity of ...

ATN - Small Degasser for End of Life Refrigerators

by ATN Engineering

Next to the high capacity degassing systems for end of life refrigerators, ATN Engineering developed a small degassing unit that can be placed within your workshop or can be used as a mobile unit where the small degasser is mounted on a trailer.'Plug and play'Simply provide an electrical connection and the system is ready to go. To assure easy ...

ATN - Degasser for Domestic Fridges

by ATN Engineering

Protecting the environment are the key words when we are talking about degassing and de-oiling end of life refrigerators. To avoid any possible contamination of the environment by refrigerant gasses or oil ATN Engineering developed unique, environmental save and highly efficient degassing and de-oiling systems to assure a safe and efficient ...

ATN - Automatic Degassing of Domestic Fridges

by ATN Engineering

Fully automatic degassing of domestic fridges is possible with the use of our unique and patented drill head. We build complete unites that are able to degas and drain oil from refrigerator compressors in less then one minute.

ATN - Degasser for Domestic Fridges and Airconditioning Units

by ATN Engineering

ATN environmental systems developed a high pressure system(plant) for fast, easy and environmental save degassing an de-oiling of old refrigerators and AC units containing CFC/ODS gasses. ATN's patented drill head and special developed equipment will remove nearly 100% of oil and gasses.

ATN - Ammonia Degasser for NH3 Absorber Refrigerators

by ATN Engineering

Absorber type refrigerators using the cooling agent toxic ammonia (NH3) and toxic water containing antioxidants. Making these refrigerators a challenge to recycle. To safely and quickly de-gas en drain these units, ATN developed a one of a kind system for dealing with these kind of refrigerators and it's aggressive and toxic liquids.

Kelvinox - TLM - Top-Loading Refrigerator

by Oxford Instruments Industrial Analysis

Our top-loading Kelvinox TLM is a high performance dilution refrigerator with a base temperature of less than 15 mK and cooling power of more than 400 µW. Top-loading of the sample directly into the 3He/4He mixing chamber ensures good sample thermalisation, high stability of the thermal environment and guarantee of operation in high magnetic ...

Kelvinox - 400HA - High Access Dilution Refrigerator

by Oxford Instruments Industrial Analysis

This dilution refrigerator is ideal for applications requiring high cooling power and enhanced experimental access such as Quantum computing. Achieves more than 400 µW of cooling power ideal for demanding experiments with high heat dissipation such as microwave cavity losses. Less than 7 mK stable temperature: ideal for low temperature ...

HelioxAC-V - Cryogen Free Helium 3 Refrigerator

by Oxford Instruments Industrial Analysis

The Cryogen free helium 3, HelioxAC-V is a compact system able to cool large samples below 300 mK for more than 50 hours without the need for liquid helium. Un-rivalled experimental capability.

Kelvinox - MX - Dilution Refrigerator for Multi Experiments

by Oxford Instruments Industrial Analysis

Dilution refrigerators like our multi-experimental KelvinoxMX uniquely separates the cooling platform from the experimental services. This offers: Flexibility to change experimental configurations and thermodynamic performances if needed Multiple users to carry out different configured experiments, with minimum downtime Access to different ...

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