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Priority Pollutants

by CRL Environmental Corporation (CRL)

Toxic metals, volatile aromatics and halocarbons, phenols, PNAs, haloethers, phthalates, chlorinated hydrocarbons, benzidines, nitroaromatics, nitrosamines, Pesticides and PCBs.

Bio Buster Fat Trap and Sump Treatment Services

by Bio Systems Europe

A bacteriological-enzymatic compound that accelerates the breakdown of fats, protein and cellulose. Advantages: A product with a totally harmless application. It accelerates the breakdown of organic material. Clears blockages. It considerably reduces bad smells and other disturbing consequences. It reduces ammonium levels.

Waste Recycling Services

by JFE Engineering America Inc.

JFE Engineering achieves the reduction of both natural resource consumption and the environmental burden with the aid of JFE Engineering’s advanced recycling system (Intelligent Recycle) which leverages the JFE Group’s overall aptitude by combining steelmaking technology and engineering technology. As an expert in recycling, the JFE ...

Calibration Services

by GlobeTech Group

GlobeTech Laboratories Ltd is proud of its calibration abilities and the wide range of calibration services it offers. Our Calibration laboratory is Accredited to ISO/IEC 17025 by RvA with accreditation certificate No K131. Accredited on-site calibration services are provided throughout the country. We keep abreast of the latest developments in ...

Reclamation & Destruction

by RemTec International

Reclamation is the process during which contaminated halocarbons (CFCs, HCFCs, HFCs and Halons) are cycled through a filtration system to remove impurities. This reclaiming process restores the product to a condition that meets or exceeds industry standards.

Transportation Services

by Parker Ag Services, LLC

Parker Ag currently operates a large fleet of semi tankers for transporting liquid biosolids in large volumes. Each tanker holds about 6,500 gallons. Small volumes are managed using straight trucks with 2,500 to 4,000 gallons of capacity. The number of loads removed range from one load per week to as many as 50 loads per day.

Engineering Service

by EN-PRO Group

EN-PRO Refrigerator Disposal Step I As part Step I, refrigerant gases and refrigerant oil are completely extracted and separated. CFC refrigerant gas is transported to specialized CFC recycling companies; depending on the degree of purity, the explosive refrigerant gas R600a can also be used as fuel for forklifts.

Waste Collection Services for Private Users

by Karat Elektro Recykling sp z o.o

Our services are also aimed at private users. We provide an extensive range of service as for: the date and time of waste collection form Monday to Friday; the collection performed by our employees; the use of our own transportation; the waste management according to the binding regulations.

Domestic Water Treatment

by Collins Water Solutions Pty Ltd. (CWS)

Counter top and undersink Water Filters. Fridge Filters. Shower Filters. Under Sink Reverse Osmosis. Under Sink Ultra Violet Systems. Single, double and triple filter housings available in 10-20' standard/large. We can also supply an extensive range of spare parts, filter housings and replacement sediment and carbon cartridges to suit any of our ...

Heat Pump Maintenance and Servicing

by ICS Heat Pump Technology

Service and annual maintenance is a key consideration when considering any large purchase for the home. A Heat Pump system can significantly increase the value of a property in exactly the same way that other types of home improvement will. However it is very important to ensure that this increased value is maintained and secure in terms of the ...

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