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Priority Pollutants

by CRL Environmental Corporation (CRL)

Toxic metals, volatile aromatics and halocarbons, phenols, PNAs, haloethers, phthalates, chlorinated hydrocarbons, benzidines, nitroaromatics, nitrosamines, Pesticides and PCBs.

Laboratory - Laboratory Equipment

by Achema Pte Ltd

Balance, electronic,Bath, ultrasonic,Bath, water,Centrifuges,Circulators, refrigerated/heating,Dewars,Electrophoresis,Fraction collectors,Freeze dryers,Freezers, Fume cupboards,Furnaces,Homogenizers,Incubators,Mantle, heating,Micropipettes,Mills,Osmometers,Ovens,pH and conductivity meters, Pumps, peristaltic,Pumps, vacuum, Refrigerators, Safety ...

Residential Solar Electric Services

by Prudent Living Inc.

As fossil fuel prices skyrocket, electricity costs rise too.  In New England, we have a great energy resource available to us every day: the sun. Although our weather can be unpredictable, even our winter months bring many days of clear skies, making this area a great place for solar energy when there is open land facing south. At Prudent ...

Recycling Stations

by Odense Waste Management Company Ltd

Odense Waste Management Company Ltd. operates 8 recycling stations for private households and smaller enterprises, so each neighbourhood has a station within only a few minutes drive. More than 35 categories of waste are collected – from bulky waste (furniture, refrigerators, electronic waste, and garden waste) to hazardous waste (batteries, ...

Transportation Services

by Parker Ag Services, LLC

Parker Ag currently operates a large fleet of semi tankers for transporting liquid biosolids in large volumes. Each tanker holds about 6,500 gallons. Small volumes are managed using straight trucks with 2,500 to 4,000 gallons of capacity. The number of loads removed range from one load per week to as many as 50 loads per day.

AU Model Refrigerant Reclamation & Recycling Service

by A-Gas (UK) Ltd

The AU business has recently entered the environmental services business with the introduction to their cylinder fleet of reclaim and recovery cylinders. A-Gas AU then safely decants to a bulk storage tank utilising specially designed closed-loop equipment fulfilling our objective of zero emissions. This product is then returned to Refrigerant ...

Air Quality Service


GT provides extensive air quality services to a wide range of industries, including manufacturing, chemical, petroleum products distribution, utilities and numerous others. GT helps clients assess rule applicability, develop alternative compliance plans and implement the most cost-effective solutions.

Whole Home Reverse Osmosis

by EcoWater AZ

Tough all over:Constructed of high strength Xyron® plastic for corrosion resistance and temperature extremes – provides years of reliable service.Dual RO membrane configuration ensures the ultimate in water filtration. The specially formulated filters virtually eliminate all the contaminants. Essentially, this salt-free solution will ...

Decontamination and Industrial Clean Up Services

by Environmental Management Services, Inc.

EMSI personnel can use the most advanced, efficient techniques to remove all types of contaminants from your facility.  EMSI’s decontamination services group has removed chemical, biological, radioactive contaminants and trash and debris from hundreds of facilities over the years.

Product Evaluation Studies Services

by Materials Analytical Services, LLC (MAS)

MAS operates a state-of-the-art R&D testing facility that provides manufacturers the unique opportunity to evaluate, develop, and actually use new products under controlled laboratory conditions. AS operates a state of the art R&D testing facility at our Suwanee, GA laboratory that provides manufacturers the unique opportunity to evaluate, ...

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