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by Geotec Engineering & Environmental Geophysics Ltd     based in rishon letzion, ISRAEL

Geotec offers various measurement services of ground vibrations and air blast, caused by blasts, heavy duty construction equipment and other sources. The purpose of the measurements is to prevent damage to structures and discomfort to people. Additionally, vibration measurements enable contractors to plan their activities on the basis of accurate ...

Ecotoxicity - Toxicity Bioassays Service

by BIOHIDRICA Biotecnologias del Agua Ltda.     based in Santiago, CHILE

Tests are performed according national (NCh) or internationals (ISO, USEPA, OECD and ASTM) regulations.


by Merichem Company     based in Schaumburg, ILLINOIS (USA)

In today’s world, gasification is defined as any process, which produces a “synthesis gas” or a “syngas”, which is a gas consisting mainly of CO, H2 and CO2. The syngas can be used for producing power and/or hydrogen, methanol, Fischer-Tropsch liquids, etc. However, In addition to CO, H2 and CO2, varying amounts of ...

AU Model Refrigerant Reclamation & Recycling Service

by A-Gas (UK) Ltd     based in Bristol, UNITED KINGDOM

The AU business has recently entered the environmental services business with the introduction to their cylinder fleet of reclaim and recovery cylinders. A-Gas AU then safely decants to a bulk storage tank utilising specially designed closed-loop equipment fulfilling our objective of zero emissions. This product is then returned to Refrigerant ...

Air Dispersion Modeling

by Clean Air Engineering, Inc.     based in Palatine, ILLINOIS (USA)

Air quality modeling is used to predict concentrations of air pollutants that disperse and react in the atmosphere. Air Dispersion Modeling simulates emissions as they are transported through the atmosphere. These models take into account atmospheric conditions, such as meteorological inputs; and source data, including stack height and emissions ...

Toxicological Assessments of Drug and Pathogens

by Risk-Based Decisions, Inc.     based in Sacramento, CALIFORNIA (USA)

Over the past decade, RBDI has assisted clients in the evaluation of specific aspects of drugs in support of new drug applications (NDAs), including toxicology, identification of target organs, mechanisms of action, enzyme inhibition, pharmacokinetics, and half-life studies.  Some of these include:

Drilling waste remediation

by OTI Greentech AG     based in Zug, SWITZERLAND

OTI oil cleaning and recovery products offer the same or better performance than existing chemical treatments but with a much reduced environmental impact. Independent assessment shows OTI products outperforming existing chemical treatments, for example in the recovery of heavy oil from oil sand and the removal of hydrocarbons ...

MSDS Distribution using Hazox Document Dispatch

by EXP-Hazox, Inc.     based in Somerset, NEW JERSEY (USA)

Document Dispatch provides a mechanism for distributing (M)SDS's and other documents. When tied into a company's order processing system, Hazox automatically dispatches the appropriate regulatory documents based on the current order as well as the customer's order history.

Community-Based Sanitation

by Borda     based in Bremen, GERMANY

Official statistics suggest that about 2.6 billion people do not have access to “improved” sanitation. 75% of these people live in Asia, 18% live in Africa and 5% live in Latin America and the Caribbean. The Community-Based Sanitation framework, or CBS,  is tailored to improve sanitation conditions in densely populated urban ...

GHS SDS Authoring

by AEGIS REGULATORY     based in Toronto, ONTARIO (CANADA)

Our primary services in this area include GHS compliant SDS Authoring of English and Spanish SDS under OSHA's new HCS 2012, as well as EU CLP SDS Authoring in all official European languages. For our clients with operations in both the United States and Canada, we are able to prepare a US GHS SDS (HCS 2012) that includes the WHMIS classification ...

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