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Eye Protection


The DIN CERTCO Testing Centre Eye-Protection (PZA) in Nuremberg is one of the internationally leading institutions for the testing and certification of eye protection equipment of all kinds. As internationally operating service provider, we support the manufacturers of eye protection equipment in introducing their products onto the European single ...

Disaster Recovery

by DMC Technologies Inc.

If your organization can survive a system outage for 12-24 hours, DMC provides a disaster recovery service that will allow you to rebuild your servers at DMC.  To minimize data loss, DMC can complement this offering with a remote backup service.

Confined Space Operations

by Reds Ltd

REDS have a full range of confined space access equipment and trained personnel. We can offer services to a wide range of clients from Local authorities to the Nuclear Generation Industry.

Disaster Recovery

by Oxford Hydrotechnics Ltd.

When disaster strikes our clients call on our outstanding recovery service to get their projects back on track. We offer a proven, cost effective, reactive and fast disaster recovery service. Our skills are applicable to a number of crises, such as controlling major inundation, reclaiming submerged tunnel boring machines and flooded shafts.

FirstLab - Occupational Health

by FirstLab

We provide the peace of mind that our clients Occupational Health needs are taken care of on time and accurately. FirstLab offers our clients the assurance that our experienced Occupational Health Coordinators will look after their needs.  Not only will our clients have the worry of maintaining their employees certifications for physicals ...

Lead-based Paint Services

by Alpha Environmental Sciences, Inc.

Identifying and properly handling lead-based paints is of major concern among Public Housing Authorities (PHA), industry, and the entire real estate market. As with asbestos, locating and properly managing lead-based paint in a building is the most logical answer to reducing the health threat posed by lead.

Chemicals of Conern Removal Studies

by PRIMA Environmental, Inc.

It is tempting to assume that if an oxidant is consumed, it must be reacting with the chemicals of concern (COCs), but this is not necessarily true.  Similarly, addition of a carbon substrate does not guarantee that a COC will be biodegraded.

MSDS Distribution using Hazox Document Dispatch

by EXP-Hazox, Inc.

Document Dispatch provides a mechanism for distributing (M)SDS's and other documents. When tied into a company's order processing system, Hazox automatically dispatches the appropriate regulatory documents based on the current order as well as the customer's order history.

Hazox - MSDS Master - MSDS Management Solution

by EXP-Hazox, Inc.

MSDS Master is the base Hazox module, which provides a single repository for supplier (inbound) and manufactured (outbound) (M)SDS's. Additionally, MSDS Master can be used to store (M)SDS’s for non-manufacturing related items, such as cleaning supplies used on site.

Meter Strategy & Surveys

by Energy Metering Technology Ltd (EMT)

We recommend that you have an action plan to assist in developing your energy metering; this should commence with a meter survey and proposed configuration. EMT will select the right meter location to obtain optimum accuracy and reliability.

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