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Indoor Allergens By ELISA

by Pure Earth Environmental Laboratory, Inc.     based in Pennsauken, NEW JERSEY (USA)

Indoor allergens by ELISA are available for dust mite, cat and dog dander, roaches and mouse urine.

Vapor Intrusion Services

by Viridian® Inc., (Viridian)     based in Montclair, NEW JERSEY (USA)

Soil Vapor Surveys are critical investigative tools when assessing potential contamination at dry cleaners, gasoline service stations and other sites using volatile organic compounds and cholrinated hydrocarbons. We conduct soil vapor surveys to assess upward vapor risk from volatile chemicals. Contaminated soil and groundwater can release ...

Site Investigation & Assessment

by IKM Consulting Limited     based in Grangemouth, UNITED KINGDOM

Wherever the site, an appropriate site investigation is a key element in the assessment of risk from contaminated land. IKM Consulting Ltd offers a full range of environmental services for the investigation of contaminated land. These include:

Contaminated Land

by MIS Environmental Ltd     based in Durham, UNITED KINGDOM

Land contamination can vary markedly over a vast range of pollutants.  Investigation into land contamination from surface to underground can be provided.  Sample collection will enable a wide range of chemical and physical hazards to be clearly identified. Sites where asbestos contamination has been identified can create a special technical ...

Unexploded Ordnance (UXO) and Munitions and Explosives of Concern (MEC)

by Engineering/Remediation Resources Group, Inc. (ERRG)     based in Martinez, CALIFORNIA (USA)

Preliminary Assessment/ Site Investigation; Munitions response under CERCLA; Remedial Investigation/ Feasibility Study; Removal Action; Geophysical Investigation; Impact Range Clearance and Maintenance; QA/QC Management; Project Management; Construction Support

Stack Testing Services

by Emissions Measurement Company (EMCo)     based in COLORADO (USA)

Emissions Measurement Company (EMCo) provides full-service stack testing services to various industries. Our principals have a combined 26 years of experience in source emissions testing, having completed hundreds of testing campaigns throughout the United States with clients in various industries. Our goal is to offer the most experienced field ...

Stack Monitoring

by EPM     based in Bardsey, UNITED KINGDOM

When an installation is complete, EPM service doesn't stop there. We also offer various valuable ongoing services to Clients to ensure you are operating safely, efficiently and effectively. An essential part of installing abatement plant is to ensure that they operate effectively within the P.E.L. (Permitted Emission Limit) as detailed within the ...

Oil Spill Clean-Ups Services

by Procon Environmetal Technologies (Pty) Ltd.     based in Witbank, SOUTH AFRICA

Although oil spills aren’t permanent, its effect on the environment can be devastating. Oil spills and their severity differ in every project that Procon tackles. Factors like oil types, weather and location all contribute to how we tackle the oil spill cleanup.

Asbestos Abatement

by EnviroVantage     based in Epping, NEW HAMPSHIRE (USA)

Asbestos may be found in many common materials such as floor tiles, mastic, pipe and boiler insulation, roofing and siding materials, paint and wall surfacing materials, fireproofing materials and glazing/caulking compounds.Trust EnviroVantage for fast and efficient asbestos removal. We're your one stop environmental clean-up resource. Call us for ...

SPCC Planning

by Hodgens Engineering Service (HES)     based in Rock Tavern, NEW YORK (USA)

Professional engineer specializing in SPCC development for small, medium and large facilities. Customized plans developed across the nation at over 500 facilities, a dozen states over the past 15 years. Services include training and special tools to simplify plan implementation.

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