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by HydroTech Corporation     based in Anderson, INDIANA (USA)

Testing for radon is common in private and commercial real estate transactions. Many states require registration and/or certification for testing. HydroTech maintains all certifications and meets all state and federal regulations. Radon is the off-gas of decaying uranium deposits and is commonly found throughout the continental United States. ...

Landfill Monitoring and Sampling Services

by Environmental Scientifics Group     based in Staffordshire, UNITED KINGDOM

ESG is an independent technical specialist delivering comprehensive services to landfill site owners and operators for the compliance monitoring of waste facilities.

Odor Control Services

by Envirozone Systems Corporation     based in Carthage, MISSOURI (USA)

When fine droplets of highly ozonated water cascade through an air scrubber at a rendering plant, they react with and neutralize many of the molecules that cause the foulest odors. Envirozone equipment has been used to change wet wells and animal product rendering plants from perceived neighborhood spoilers to good neighbors.

Fall Out Monitoring

by DustWatch CC     based in Cape Town, SOUTH AFRICA

Fall-out dust monitoring is a legal requirement under the pollutions act of 1975.  The act states that '......', and this means that all manufacturing concerns are responsible for the dust at the perimeter of the area.  If the dust levels measured are above the specified limits then engineering solutions need to be implemented to ...

Vibration Measurement Frequency Analysis and Diagnosis

by iAdept Marketing     based in New Delhi, INDIA

Vibration analysis can detect developing defects before they cause damages and cause unscheduled downtime. The analysis is part of regular monitoring of machine Vibrations either on 24x7 basis or at scheduled intervals. Trending Vibration levels helps in detecting problems due to bearing or alignment or looseness or unbalance etc etc.


by Intertox, Inc.     based in Seattle, WASHINGTON (USA)

Nanotechnology holds great promise in the quest for better computers, electronics, medicine, medical devices, biomaterials and energy production. But like all new technologies, it also raises questions, such as the potential toxicity and environmental impact of nanomaterials and regulatory approval challenges.

Advanced Odor Elimination Solution

by Green Earth Nano Science Inc.     based in Toronto, ONTARIO (CANADA)

Objective: Odor and foul smell control system. Daily odor control coating and application. Deodorizing textile and material.

Fire Engineering

by Norconsult AS     based in Sandvika, NORWAY

Norconsult carries out all types of consultancy project related to protection measures against fire and explosion, such as for buildings and structures, oil and gas facilities, industry and transportation, as well as underground facilities.

Heavy Metal Stabilization Testing Service

by Ursus Remediation Testing & Technologies, LLC     based in Mount Horeb,, WISCONSIN (USA)

Ursus has the expertise to evaluate a variety of treatment chemistries to stabilize heavy metals in soil, groundwater, and wastes. Contrary to chemical vendors that test only their treatment product, Ursus does not have a proprietary treatment chemistry, therefore, we test a variety of chemistries, both proprietary and non-proprietary, to ...

Noise Propagation

by Deutsche WindGuard GmbH     based in Varel, GERMANY

'Wind Turbines are noisy' – that bias is often heard during discussions about wind energy. Residents living in close proximity to wind farms often feel molested by the generated noise. Subsequently, propagation of noise immissions at noise receptor points at a designated site are part of the approval process prior to the erection of wind ...

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