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by Aerzener Maschinenfabrik GmbH

Assembly check and laser alignment. Procurement of operating state of the stage (oil filling, coolant etc.). Check of all security-relevant settings as per example alarm and switch-off values or message to the controlling unit / control room. Then follows commissioning of the unit and test run. All alarm and switch-off values are checked followed ...

Zeiss Sport Optics - Glass Treatment

by EnviroChemie GmbH Technology for Water

The Zeiss Sport Optics Works in Wetzlar produce, among other things, high quality lenses and prisms. The waste water from optical glass production is treated in a Lugan 20.000 plant from EnviroChemie. The flocculation and flotation plant processes 60 m³ of grinding waste water polluted with heavy metals and suspended matter in three shifts a ...

Hazard Identification and Modeling

by Trinity Consultants

Trinity has performed hundreds of health effects impact studies for actual and potential releases of hazardous air pollutants. These studies have included emissions estimations, acute toxicity evaluations for comparison to threshold limit value-based concentration limits, cancer risk assessment modeling using the GEMS database, and ambient ...

Risk Management Planning

by Trinity Consultants

The Risk Management Program (RMP) developed under Section 112(r) of the 1990 Clean Air Act Amendments regulates the storage and/or processing of toxic and flammable substances. It requires affected facilities to develop and submit risk management plans that include a hazard assessment, prevention program, and emergency response program. The RMP is ...

Environmental Outsourcing

by Trinity Consultants

Many industrial facilities with limited environmental compliance requirements have chosen not to dedicate existing staff or hire new staff to manage environmental compliance activities. Reasons include the substantial cost associated with having dedicated environmental compliance staff and the significant liability associated with assigning ...


by Casella

When using monitoring equipment to conform to Standards, Regulations or Guidelines it is essential that measurements undertaken are accurate. Here at Casella we have a dedicated Calibration team that perform calibration on Casella products, which includes traceability to meet National and International Standards. For those that require more ...

Coagulation/Filtration Services

by Filtronics, Inc.

Coagulation/filtration is a process that removes contaminants from water by precipitation. Aluminum salts and ferric (iron) salts are the two most commonly used coagulants in the water treatment industry. These salts work by hydrolyzing to form aluminum hydroxide and iron hydroxide particulates, which can then be effectively filtered out of the ...

Adsorption Processes Services

by Filtronics, Inc.

Adsorption is a process where contaminants break their bond with water molecules and chemically adhere to a filter media. Adsorption is a constant process where water is directed at a specific flow rate through a fixed bed of adsorption media for a period of six months to two years until exhaustion. Once exhausted, adsorptive medias need to be ...

Equipment Rental Services

by Metlab Miljö AB

All types of sampling equipment and gas analyzers and other equipment used for emission measurements can be hired from METLAB for shorter or longer periods.

Parallel Measurements Services

by Metlab Miljö AB

Parallel measurements are used for annual control of permanent installed emission measurement systems with respect on their performance criterias, e.g. AST in EN 14181 or the Swedish regulation for NOx emissions NFS 2004:6.

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