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Enviro-USA - Oil Only Polypropylene Absorbent Booms

by Enviro-USA American Manufacturer, LLC     based in Cocoa, FLORIDA (USA)

Enviro-USA’s Oil Only Polypropylene Absorbent Booms  are your best solution to deal with oil spills on land or water. Simply place the absorbent boom around the spill to keep it from spreading and to allow the absorbing process to start immediately. Sections can be linked together to contain a large spill or span waterways. ...

Absorbent Booms

by Censol Ltd     based in Nottingham, UNITED KINGDOM

An absorbent for land and marine spills. If you need to Ideal to skim oil, or hydrocarbons, from water. Designed for wastewater troughs, settling tanks, ponds and anywhere that an oil, or fuel, spill might take place. Our Oil Only Marine booms are hydrophobic, they will repel water and only absorb oil or hydrocarbon based products.

Model 127 - Absorbent Booms

by Sie Econad Ltd     based in Odessa, UKRAINE

Ingredients: polypropylene fibers. Absorbable substances: oil, petroleum products, coolants, solvents. Package 8 pcs. Size, mm: 127 х 3000 . Absorption capacity of one boom: 24-36 liters     

GEI - Absorbent Boom

by Granite Environmental, Inc     based in Sebastian, FLORIDA (USA)

Our GEI absorbent boom is is made for spill cleanup to skim or absorb oil and liquid applications and available in a five inch and 8 inch version. Perfect for cleanup of oil and other hazmat liquids in marshes, wetlands, bayous, and near shore ocean environments.

Eco Oil Absorbent Booms

by Vira soluzioni Srl     based in Besana Brianza, ITALY

Eco Oil Absorbent Boomsfor oil spills, waste oil collection, to clean the water from oil.

Biodegradable/Natural Absorbent Boom

by Absorbents International, LLC     based in Sharpes, FLORIDA (USA)

5' Biodegradable/Natural Oil Absorbent Boom was very popular during the Gulf of Mexico oil spill.  Approved by the US Coast Guard, this product allows us to absorb oil with a Natural/Biodegrable product, thereby becoming 'Green' friendly, as it meets many of the requirements of the recycle content programs.  As our 'Monthly Feature ...

Oil Only Absorbent Booms

by Absorbents International, LLC     based in Sharpes, FLORIDA (USA)

Versatility is a key factor in absorbent booms. Applications range from lining beaches, spanning waterways, use on off shore locations, to protecting marinas. The ability to link these highly absorbent booms together allows the user to contain an array of spill shapes and sizes from small to large.

Drizit - Oil Absorbent Booms

by Darcy Spillcare Manufacture     based in Larkfield, UNITED KINGDOM

A range of absorbent booms for all situations and incidents. The best and most tested oil absorbent boom.Traditional tie joins can be used to make up any length and will not allow booms to drift apart, unlike booms with metal hooks and rings which can allow oil to escape. The most positive join on the market.UV stabilised. Will not deteriorate ...

ICEA - Oil Absorbents Booms

by ICEA s.r.l.     based in Mignanego, ITALY

Oil Absorbent Ground Booms;  PU: carton with 20 socks (without fixing hooks). size: diameter 8 cm x 1,2 m. colour white absorption: 80 l. pallet with 20 cartons. measure pallet cm 120 x 100 x h 200. netto weight pallet 130 kg.

Absorbent Booms And Socks

by Granite Environmental, Inc     based in Sebastian, FLORIDA (USA)

These Absorbent Booms and Socks are designed to function as a form of secondary containment around your frac tank or frac tanks to help catch spills, drips, and help you stay in compliance with environmental regulations.

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