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Model Oil Sponge AB+ - Premium Absorbent plus

by Phase III, Inc     based in Chandler, ARIZONA (USA)

Having the same great absorbing power as our AB product, Oil Sponge AB+ features Bio·Green Technology that is a proprietary blend of Class 1, ATCC certified active cultures. Oil Sponge AB+ will assist in converting most absorbed oil based liquids into safe carbon-dioxide and water. Fast and easy to use, Oil Sponge AB+ will effectively ...

Model Oil Sponge AB - Absorbent

by Phase III, Inc     based in Chandler, ARIZONA (USA)

Oil Sponge AB absorbs most types of petroleum spills quickly, efficiently and with less associated solid waste disposal costs than other absorbents. It is constructed of a renewable, 100% certified organic cellulose material with a high capacity for absorption. Oil Sponge AB will absorb liquefied chemicals, is non-leaching up to saturation and ...

Oil-Only Absorbents

by New Pig Corporation     based in Tipton, PENNSYLVANIA (USA)

Our selection of Oil-Only Absorbents includes Socks, Booms, Sweeps, Pillows, Pans and Loose Absorbents to help with oil spill cleanups. Our Oil-Only Absorbent Socks and Mats offer a high-value way to help keep floors dry and safe. Loose spill absorbents are a much better choice than the traditional use of clay pellets to keep safety first for your ...

Oil Absorbent Mats & Pads

by New Pig Corporation     based in Tipton, PENNSYLVANIA (USA)

Effectively absorb oil, not water with oil-only absorbing sheets from New Pig. Our {link:absorbent-products/oil-only-absorbent-mats-absorbs-oil-but-not-water/pig-white-oil-only-mat-pads-rolls/,oil absorbent mats,true} absorb and retain oils and oil-based liquids without absorbing water. With superior durability and absorbency, our oil absorbent ...

Oil Sponge Spill Kit

by Phase III, Inc     based in Chandler, ARIZONA (USA)

The NEW Oil Sponge Spill kit is designed to pick up approximately three quarts of spilled oil. It contains all of the necessary products to contain an incidental spill. The spill kit was originally designed for off-road and four-wheel drive enthusiasts to help them stay compliant with the Federal Bureau of Land Management requirements.However, it ...

Oil Absorbents - EXsorb Oil and Chemical Absorbent 5lt

by Paulex Environmental Consulting     based in UNITED KINGDOM

A handy 5lt resealable bag of EXsorb, the revolutionary, recycled oil and chemical absorbent that is non-leaching, hydrophobic, MMO licenced and highly efficient.Absorbs up to seven times more than clay granules.Once oil is absorbed it will not leach out, even under pressure.Instantly absorbs oils, mild chemicals, solvents, paints, detergents ...

Oil Only Pads, Rolls and Drum Toppers

by American Boom & Barrier Corporation (ABBCO)     based in Cape Canaveral, FLORIDA (USA)

ABBCO – Fine Fiber technology is a unique process that is used in our Technical and Medical Grade Products. This process of producing long fine fibers, is used in our absorbent products creating a highly absorbent and strong fine fiber material. The longer fiber length gives our pads higher tensile strength, more durability, and greater ...

Laminated Absorbents


LAMINATED absorbents are similar to the NON-BONDED ones, but their two external sides consist of knitted cloth so that their resistance can be strengthened.

Specialty Absorbents & Accessories

by New Pig Corporation     based in Tipton, PENNSYLVANIA (USA)

Our Specialty Absorbents and Accessories include reusable absorbents and fuel tank absorbents. These oil-absorbent pads and oil-absorbent socks are great liquid-control solutions to help prevent slip-and-fall accidents and keep drips from causing a mess. You'll also find a wide range of the oil-absorbent accessories, such as absorbent wringers, ...

Universal MRO Absorbent Mat Pads & Rolls

by New Pig Corporation     based in Tipton, PENNSYLVANIA (USA)

Keep your workplace cleaner and safer with top quality {link:absorbent-products/universal-mro-absorbent-mats-absorbs-oils-coolants-solvents-water/pig-gray-universal-absorbent-mat-rolls/,universal MRO absorbent mat rolls,true} and mat pads from New Pig. Shop PIG® spill pads and sorbent pads now.

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