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Microblaze - Emergency Spill Control with Microbes

by Jayne Products, Inc.     based in Carson, CALIFORNIA (USA)

MICROBLAZE is an emergency liquid spill control product. It is a non-toxic formulation of biological activators and selected non-pathogenic microbes, which digest fats, oils and grease, protein, starches and odors caused by organic waste. When applied to a hydrocarbon spill, it will disperse the spill on contact, inert the spill so that it is ...

Absorbents Oil Spill Clean Up Kits

by Granite Environmental, Inc     based in Sebastian, FLORIDA (USA)

Oil Spill Clean Up is easy with our absorbents and spill kits. Our quick wipe cleanup pads are ideal for small 5 gallon spills while fueling or making repairs and best of all economical too.


by MARKLEEN Group     based in Vollen, NORWAY

Absorb large quantities of liquids in areas such as wells, leaking machinery and drains. Can be used to clean up spilled liquid surrounded by socks. Quicker absorption than socks due to higher surface area. Resistant and easy to handle. Available in OIL, OIL R and CHEM materials. 50 x 30 cm.

Oil Absorbent Rolls

by Tongxiang Xiaoying Pollution Control Technology Co.,Ltd     based in Tongxiang, CHINA

OIL ABSORBENT ROLLS are used for oil spill clean up on roadways, walkways, plant floors and in other areas where pillows interfere with operations, traffic or safety. Our melt blown (MB) polypropylene oil-only absorbent rolls are perforated for easy use and to reduce spill response time. You can use the entire oil absorbent roll or tear off one ...

Model 3 Inch - White Oil Only Socks

by Spill Source     based in Denver, NORTH CAROLINA (USA)

Our socks contain the highest quality, 100% polypropylene fill wrapped in a durable knitted sleeve. Our full product line includes oil-only socks available in white and blue, and universal socks in gray and green. Hazardous material clean up can be tackled with our yellow sock.

Enviro-USA - Oil Only Absorbent Spill Kits

by Enviro-USA American Manufacturer, LLC     based in Cocoa, FLORIDA (USA)

Enviro-USA’s Oil Only Absorbent Spill Kits are ideal to have around as there’s always that possibility that an oil spill may take place at any time. Whether it be in the work place, marinas, ports, refineries, boats, engine rooms, machine or auto mechanic shops, etc., spill kits allow you to have a variety of oil absorbents readily available to be ...

Spill Kits

by MARKLEEN Group     based in Vollen, NORWAY

Versatile kits with different absorption capacities, suitable for a wide range of industrial and marine applications as well as transport, emergency services, etc. One of the cheapest and most efficient ways to control and clean up spilled liquids. Contain a number of different Oil R or Chem type formats and are quick and easy to use. Designed for ...

Cansorb - Cansorb Oil Absorbent

by Highspeed Group Ltd     based in Keighley, UNITED KINGDOM

Fast Acting Organic Oil Only AbsorbentCansorb is a completely organic, oil only absorbent, made from high quality, large fibre Sphagnum Peat Moss (from sustainable resources) and is ideal for hydrocarbon clean up on most applications. Unlike other so-called organic products. Cansorb can be used on water, making it ideal for spills in wet weather! ...

SMELLEZE Natural Universal Spill Clean Up Absorbent: 50 lb. Granules for Spill Containment

by NoOdor.com     based in Alpharetta, GEORGIA (US) (USA)

Our universal spill absorbent products are used for emergency spill clean-up & spill containment with Smelleze® Eco Universal Spill & Odor Removal Granules spill clean up management applications include oil cleanup, chemical spill cleanup, fuel spill cleanup, hazardous spill cleanup & more. Our universal industrial absorbents are designed for ...

Oil Only Light Weight Pad

by Green State Services     based in New Paltz, NEW YORK (USA)

Oil Only Sorbents provide users with a durable absorbent for cleaning up petroleum based spills and leaks. These sorbents have proven to absorb liquids & repel water, and is effective in both industrial and environmental applications. The Oil Only sorbents are best applied during emergency spills for fast and easy clean-up. Absorbency: 17 gal ...

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