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BioSolve Pinkwater - For Oil/Fuel Vapor Suppression, Soil Remediation, Tank Cleaning and Spill Cleanup

by The BioSolve Company

BioSolve Pinkwater is a proprietary, water-based, biodegradable formulation of surfactants and performance additives. In a dilute aqueous solution, Pinkwater creates micro-emulsions (micelles) when vigorously applied to hydrocarbon contaminants. These micellular emulsions perform three essential functions that are common requirements across ...

OPEC - Tricky Track - Oil Adsorbents for Railway Tracks

by Oil Pollution Environmental Control Ltd

Tricky Track is a product specifically designed for the prevention of ground water pollution via leaking oil from stationary locomotives. Utilises the very effective RP18. Prevents ground water pollution. Far cheaper than conventional methods. Can be made to fit any length and type of track. Adjustable weirs to prevent oil and water overspill. ...

DeltaTox - II - Portable Toxicity and Bio-Contaminant Detection

by Modern Water - Monitoring Division

DeltaTox II is a simple, rapid, extremely responsive, portable water quality test system. Designed for acute toxicity screening and adenosine triphosphate (ATP) testing, DeltaTox II uses bioluminescence technology to screen for contamination in instances of drinking water emergencies and chemical spills into water systems. DeltaTox II is the ...

Bio-Organic Catalyst - BOC - Bio-Organic Catalyst

by EcoJump LLC

The Bio-Organic Catalyst line of products are developed for use in the following categories; oil spill remediation, water purification, waste water treatment, odor control, Bio-Catalytic cleaning, composting, agricultural, anaerobic digestion, aquaculture. The BOC technology can be used in any industry that requires environmentally safe ...

Oil Spill Eater II (OSE) - Biological Enzyme for Oil Spill Bioremediation

by OSEI - Oil Spill Eater International, Corp

OSE II is not a bacteria (bug), fertilizer or dispersant product. OSE II is a biological enzyme that converts the waste into a natural food source for the enhanced native bacteria found in the environment. The end result of this process is CO2 and water. OSE II will reduce your cleanup costs and permanently eliminate the hazardous waste problem in ...

Mose - Oil Spill Response System

by MOSE Innovation AS

The MOSE Oil Spill Response system – or OSR system – is a powerful and mobile solution for shoreline clean-up operations. This stand-alone solution is powered by a gasoline or diesel generator, ensuring optimal mobility. The MOSE OSR system comprises of one MOSE S36 triple turbine vacuum unit and one MOSE TwinBrush (TB) unit.

Oil Spill Recovery Equipment

by NorLense AS

NorLense is one of the worlds leading companies for development and manufacturing of Oil Spill Emergency Equipment. The Emergency Response Market-products are developed for rough weather conditions and are based upon flexible materials and innovative technology.

Absorbents - Oil Spills

by NorLense AS

Absorbents in combination with harbour booms can be an effective solution for containing smaller oil spills. Absorbents absorb only oil, not water and can contain up to 25 times their own weight. You get absorbents as mats, rolls, pillows, bark and as booms with or without skirt.

Kepner SeaCurtain ReelPak - Oil Boom Systems

by The Mariner Group

Kepner SeaCurtain ReelPak Oil Boom Systems are a revolutionary new development in oil spill containment, combining the best features of both foam-filled and compactible booms. ReelPak Systems insure fast, safe, one-man operation unsurpassed SeaCurtain performance and compact automatic recovery.

Spraying System


The Markleen dispersant spray system can be installed on any kind of boat. The system consists of a self-priming pump, powered by a diesel engine, and two demountable aluminium spray arms. The nozzles installed along the spray arms ensure that the dispersant is applied efficiently.

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