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Water Restoration Certification / Water Restoration Specialist, WRS

by International Restoration Institute Inc.     based in Marion, INDIANA (USA)

The IRI Water Restoration Certification course is designed to inform you on all of the up to date real world approaches to Drying Methods. In this course you will feel confident that you have all the tools you need to succeed in Water Restoration. This course includes 8 Modules and has quizzes included for each module. Quiz as often as you like to ...

Fire Restoration Certification / Fire Restoration Specialist, FRS

by International Restoration Institute Inc.     based in Marion, INDIANA (USA)

The FRS Course has all the tools that you need to have a successful Fire Damage Restoration!! With this course you will gain the ability to out perform others in the industry by applying the information that the course provides you. You will see the Big Picture not just the fragments of information provided by other companies. This is not a ...

Restoration Management / Disaster Estimation Certification (DES)

by International Restoration Institute Inc.     based in Marion, INDIANA (USA)

IRI has spent years developing this restoration management course to provide our students with the information that they need to be successful! We provide restoration management topics and tools to help implement them. We cover all of the areas required so you can be successful. Our Disaster Restoration Management chapters were designed to help ...

Gun Safety

by SafetySkills     based in Oklahoma City, OKLAHOMA (USA)

Studies show that each year, a minimum of around 35,000 people die from gun injuries in the United States. But those are just the deaths, a little over three times as many people are injured and hospitalized from guns. Gun injuries that come from lack of gun safety are most likely accidental injuries or deaths. 1 of 3 times that an accidental ...

Drug Free Workplace-Canadian

by SafetySkills     based in Oklahoma City, OKLAHOMA (USA)

Upon completion of this learning event, the learner will demonstrate knowledge of the importance of eliminating drugs from the workplace and what they can do to help. Employees will learn about the impact of drug and alcohol abuse in U.S. workplaces, how to identify the elements of a drug-free workplace program and the signs and symptoms of drug ...

MSc Community Water and Sanitation

by Cranfield University     based in Cranfield, UNITED KINGDOM

Although much progress has been made over the last three decades, still more than one billion people lack access to a safe, reliable and affordable water supply, and more than twice that number still lack access to basic sanitation. This course provides the essential skills and knowledge required to plan and implement, with communities, water ...

Hazwoper Awareness (Online Course)

by Dupont Sustainable Solutions     based in Virginia Beach, VIRGINIA (USA)

HAZWOPER? What's that? Give your employees a comprehensive introduction to HAZWOPER - what it is and what it requires of them. If a leak occurs, could they identify it? If so, what would they do to alert and keep others safe? Make sure your employees are more than up to the job. Comply as well with First-Level Awareness requirements under the ...

Emergency Preparedness Training

by Canadyne Technologies Inc.     based in Richmond, BRITISH COLUMBIA (CANADA)

Emergency Preparedness Training. Needs analysis. Course Design and Program Development. Scenario Development. Classroom Instruction. Incident Command System. Field Instruction. Specialists in: Inland & coastal fast water response, helicopter deployment , winter response (ice) techniques.

Vehicle Fire Examination Course

by EFI Global, Inc.     based in Humble, TEXAS (USA)

This class will provide the claims adjuster with a basic overview of the information needed when investigating vehicle fire claims.

Basic Fire Science Course

by EFI Global, Inc.     based in Humble, TEXAS (USA)

This course will provide the student with the knowledge to understand the principles of how fires initiate, develop and spread. The elements involved in the combustion process will be detailed separately and then collectively in order to understand the requirements for the initiation and spread of fires. Resultant fire patterns and the ...

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