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SVANTEK - Model SV 100 - Whole-Body Vibration Dosimeter & Analyser


SV 100 is a digital Human Vibration Meter & Analyser integrated with triaxial Whole-Body accelerometer seat-pad. SV 100 is provided with the driver-presence detection sensor and user interface (display with push-buttons) indicating current instrument state and measurement results. Instrument meets ISO 8041:2005 standard and it is an ideal ...

Vib@Work - Floor Vibration Dosimeter

by Micromega Dynamics s.a.

3-axis vibration sensor for whole-body vibration and S.E.A.T. factors measurement. It comprises : a 3 axis accelerometer. an electronic circuit computing whole-body vibration exposure frequency weighting according to the ISO2631 standard. a wireless communication link to transmit measurement data to the PC or PDA.

Vib@Work - Seat Vibration Dosimeter

by Micromega Dynamics s.a.

The Vib@Work Seat Sensor is a semi-rigid interface designed according to ISO10326 that includes : a 3-axis accelerometer. a microcontroller performing the accelerometer signals weighting according to ISO2631. an algorithm for the detection of unwanted effects. a sensor detecting the presence of the driver. a wireless communication link allowing ...

Vib@Work - Detect Vibration Dosimeters

by Micromega Dynamics s.a.

Remote Presence Detection for Vib@Work Seat and Floor. It comprises : an optical presence sensor. an electronic circuit processing signals from this precense sensor and storing operator presence history. a wireless link to transmit measurement data to a PC or PDA.

Vib@Work - WBCheck Vibration Dosimeters

by Micromega Dynamics s.a.

Vib@Work WBCheck check bench for “whole body” dosimeters allows the acceleration measurement of “seat” or “floor” sensors to be validated along the 3 measurement axes X, Y and Z.

Brüel & Kjær - Model Type 4447 - Human Vibration Analyzer

by Brüel & Kjær Sound & Vibration Measurement A/S

An easy-to-use, rugged and portable human vibration analyzer, designed primarily for Health and Safety at Work applications, specifically risk assessment according to EU Directive 2002/44/EC. It measures exposure to hand-arm and whole-body vibration, and complies with the technical requirements of ISO 8041:2005. Type 4447 measures and displays all ...

Model HVM100 - The Human Vibration Monitor

by Larson Davis, a division of PCB Piezotronics

The Human Vibration Monitor 100 is a hand-held instrument for measuring human exposure to vibration, performing relevant calculations and providing overall metrics on its LCD display. Detailed vibration levels are easily stored in its built-in data logger, which can hold up to 100 separate time-history test files including all required metrics. ...

01dB - Model VIB - Vibration Dosimeter


VIB vibration dosimeter coming along with dBMAESTRO software offers the suitable solution to assessing individual exposure to vibrations at the workplace, in compliance with European directive 2002/44/EC and many international standards. (ISO 8041 (2005), ISO 5349 (2001), ISO 2631 (1997)). As a compact and ergonomic vibration dosimeter, VIB ...

DELTA OHM - Model HD 2070 - Three channel vibration analyzer

by Delta OHM S.r.L.

Three channel vibration analyzer HD2070 is a portable vibration analyzer performing spectral and statistical analysis on three channels simultaneously. The instrument measures all parameters required by current regulations concerning workers protection from vibration related risks and is able to measure vibrations transmitted to both hand-arm and ...

Larson Davis - Model HVM100 - Larson Davis Vibration Meter Model HVM100

by Ashtead Technology Ltd

The HVM100 hand arm vibration analyser (HAV), is now available to hire from Ashtead Technolgy. The hand arm and whole body unit provides a portable, convenient way for health and safety managers to assess Hand-arm and Whole-body vibration exposure from hand and power tools. Measuring three input channels simultaneously, the HVM100 provides signal ...

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