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Pest Control

by New Pig Corporation     based in Tipton, PENNSYLVANIA (USA)

New Pig makes pest control easier with a wide range of pest control products. Choose from bird control spikes, pigeon control items, goose control products, and other pest control supplies. You'll find plenty to choose from when you shop New Pig's industrial supplies online or pick up our world-famous Pigalog® catalog.

CopperBlocker - Pest Control Excluder

by Nixalite of America Inc.     based in East Moline, ILLINOIS (USA)

Keep small birds, bats, rodents and insects from getting through the cracks with CopperBlocker Pest Excluder. It's a soft, pure copper mesh cloth that is packed into openings to keep out all kinds of unwanted pests. The ability to fill voids of all kinds and pack tightly makes CopperBlocker perfect for access control. Use CopperBlocker for snail ...

Compact - Luxor - Major - Master - Phantom Super Ecology Pest Control Sprayers

by Martignani srl     based in S. Agata sul Santerno (RA), ITALY

The Phantom Super Ecology Sprayers are the most PRESTIGIOUS and ADVANCED RANGE of equipment for real Environment Care/Municipal Pest Control professionals.

Bird-X - Model BroadBand PRO - Pest Bird Sonic Audio and Ultrasonic Audio

by Bird-X Inc.     based in Chicago, ILLINOIS (USA)

The BroadBand PRO combines sonic AND ultrasonic audio to get rid of pest birds with a comprehensive, multi-faceted audio attack. The sounds confuse, disorient and intimidate pest birds, keeping them away.

Steri-Fab - Kills Bedbugs Dead

by Nixalite of America Inc.     based in East Moline, ILLINOIS (USA)

Safe and Effective protection from the bedbug epidemic! Bedbugs are biting their way across the country! Protect family and home with Steri-Fab multi-purpose spray. Steri-Fab is proven 100% effective in killing bedbugs, mites, lice, fleas, ticks and a host of other parasites that feed on or infest the human body. It also kills disease causing ...

Nixalite - Mosquito Granular Repellent

by Nixalite of America Inc.     based in East Moline, ILLINOIS (USA)

This all  natural, non-toxic and biodegradable granular repellent helps combat the spread of West Nile and Encephalitis borne by mosquitoes. Mosquito Granular Repellent effectively and safely repels mosquitoes. Apply before planned occasions such as outdoor weddings, pool & patio parties, family reunions, anywhere people will work or ...

Nixalite - Raticator Electric Trap

by Nixalite of America Inc.     based in East Moline, ILLINOIS (USA)

When a rodent enters a Rat Zapper to get the supplied dry bait, the system senses its presence and delivers enough electrical energy to quickly and humanely kill the rodent. A flashing red light on top of the trap (or the optional Rat Tale) tells you when the Rat Zapper has done its job. With Rat Zappers you never have to touch the dead rodent; to ...

Steri-Fab - Bactericide

by Nixalite of America Inc.     based in East Moline, ILLINOIS (USA)

A bactericide, sanitizer, viricide, fungicide, insecticide, deodorant, disinfectant and mildewcide all in one safe and easy to use spray. Steri-Fab is wide spectrum surface disinfectant and cleaner that can be sprayed on almost any surface without fear of staining or odors. It leaves no residue - once it dries (15 to 20 minutes at room ...

Nixalite - Cobweb Eliminator Spray

by Nixalite of America Inc.     based in East Moline, ILLINOIS (USA)

Eliminates, Cleans and Inhibits Spider Webs! 100% Natural & FDA/USDA Approved! Cobweb Eliminator is the only patented product formulated to eliminate, clean and inhibit the reformation of spider webs. Great around people, pets, plants, and crops when used as directed. Cobweb Eliminator is authorized for use in food processing plants, ...

Super QuadBlaster - Model QB-4 - Ultrasonic Bird Repeller

by Bird-X Inc.     based in Chicago, ILLINOIS (USA)

BEST SELLING ultrasonic bird repeller gets rid of bird infestations with a 'Silent to Humans' audio attack. The sounds are designed to confuse, disorient and intimidate pest birds to quickly scare them away from the effective area.

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