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Photometry Compendium: Episode 2 is live!
calendar 31/07/2015 · 0 Comments

Have you seen episode 2? New video is live: spectral analytic and special hands-ons – watch it on The absoption spectrum  is a characteristic of a given substance. Spectral photometers offer the ability to characterize spectral behaviour over a range of wavelengths. Using such a scan, one can, for example, identify the best wavelength for a ...

365 Companies and Investors Announce Support for EPA’s Clean Power Plan
calendar 31/07/2015 · 0 Comments

In an unprecedented show of business support for tackling climate change, 365 companies and investors sent letters today to more than two-dozen governors across the United States voicing their support for the Environmental Protection Agency’s Clean Power Plan for existing power plants and encouraging the state’s “timely finalization” of state implementation plans ...

Defender® HPS Sieve, High Capacity Rotary Sieves
calendar 30/07/2015 · 0 Comments

The rotary sieve for large flows by Toro Equipment, the range HPS. These wastewater pretreatment equipments are very compacts, they have got similar dimensions to TR 63 range but higher filtration capacity. HPS rotary screen are appropriated to treat large flows thanks to its design, they are able to treat rated flows from 133 m3/h (584 US gallons/min) to 5.874 m3/h( 25,862 US gallons/min) ...

Aeration may remove antidepressant drugs from water leaked from landfill
calendar 31/07/2015 · 0 Comments

Aeration is an effective means of eliminating antidepressants from landfill leachate, a new study finds. The concentrations of five different drugs were reduced by this treatment process, which could be an effective means of tackling the growing problem of pharmaceutical infiltration into aquatic environments. Pharmaceuticals, while an important component of modern medicine, can have negative ...

Leaders in the water industry share their knowledge in AWWA`s new educational video series
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The American Water Works Association announced today the release of its new AWWA Thought Leader Series, a series of videos focusing on industry lessons learned from six well-known professionals in the drinking water and wastewater fields. This three-part series covers the topics of Source and Treatment, Wastewater and Distribution in eight videos. The series is ideal for training purposes for ...

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  • The Original Environmental COmpliance Bootcamp August 2015
    Aug 18
    The course delivers proven value to both those new to the environmental field and experienced professionals who want to take a fresh look at the full range of environmental compliance requirements.
  • SPCC Compliance Manager August 2015
    Aug 18
    The course will help facilities subject to spill prevention, control and countermeasure (SPCC) regulations develop and effectively implement SPCC plans.
  • Storm Water Compliance Manager August 2015
    Aug 18
    The course will help you understand how discharges of stormwater from certain industrial activities and construction sites are subject to environmental permitting requirements.
  • EPCRA Planning and Reporting Manager August, 2015
    Aug 25
    The course will help you understand how discharges of stormwater from certain industrial activities and construction sites are subject to environmental permitting requirements.
  • Environmental Chemistry Demystified August, 2015
    Aug 25
    The course provides simple, straightforward explanations of the chemistry behind important environmental topics, including chemical reactivity, organic compounds, sampling and analysis, MSDS, and when and why chemical reactions occur.
  • Environmental CHemistry Advanced August, 2015
    Aug 27
    The course has been developed for environmental professionals without extensive chemistry education or training. The instructors draw on many years of applied, practical environmental chemistry experience to provide straightforward, understandable explanations of the chemistry considerations and issues that impact important environmental compliance management considerations.
  • 2015 Water Infrastructure Conference & Exposition
    Oct 13
    Join us as AWWA hosts the 2015 Water Infrastructure Conference & Exposition focused on solutions to utility asset and infrastructure challenges. This conference, including two days of exhibits will address essential water infrastructure planning and reinvestment strategies. Critical infrastructure protection through emergency preparedness planning and enhanced security measures, including cyber-security, will also be
  • 2015 Water Quality Technology Conference & Exposition (WQTC)
    Nov 15

    WQTC is AWWA`s second-largest conference, attracting approximately 1,500 attendees each year. This well-established and highly regarded conference is the meeting place for water quality professionals of all types.

  • Financial Management: Cost of Service Rate-Making Seminar
    Nov 18
    This three-day course uses time-honored strategies to teach attendees how to set cost-based and defendable rates. Utilities are faced with escalating costs of operational and infrastructure improvements, expanding regulatory and environmental forces from government and public interest groups and public demand for clean and affordable water.
  • International Symposiums on Potable Reuse and Biological Treatment
    Jan 25
    Potable Reuse Covering the latest innovations in treatment and monitoring technology, the AWWA International Symposium on Potable Reuse will attract water industry professionals from around the world, creating an environment that will integrate, shape, and advance the global discourse on direct and indirect potable reuse. Biological Treatment The AWWA Biological Treatment Symposium will explore the lates
  • AMTA/AWWA 2016 Membrane Technology Conference & Exposition
    Feb 01

    Join AMTA and AWWA in San Antonio in 2016 to explore how the latest developments in membrane technology can enhance water reliability and quality. Each year the conference reveals new directions in water and wastewater treatment technologies, desalting and membrane bioreactor applications.

  • 2016 Sustainable Water Management Conference
    Mar 07

    The 2015 Sustainable Water Management Conference is a unique, holistic event that brings together water sector or-ganizations to develop relevant, current sessions that water professionals need to be efficient now. Sustainable water management encompasses a multitude of interrelated topics and requires a broad and inclusive approach. This confer-ence seeks to combine technical presentations with in-depth discussio

  • Diggers & Dealers 2015
    Aug 03

    This leading annual conference combines presentations by listed mining and exploration companies with a large exhibition area housing exhibitors from the sector. A world class entertainment program ensures that delegates experience the very best of the style and hospitality of Kalgoorlie, the unofficial gold mining capital of Australia. The delegation is made up of mining and exploration companies, brokers, banker

  • Comprehensive Gas Chromatography Training (Agilent 7890 GC with OpenLAB Chemstation)
    Aug 03
    The 4-day Comprehensive GC Training course introduces the fundamental theory of GC along with the operation, maintenance and troubleshooting of the Agilent 7890 Gas Chromatograph using GC OpenLab EZChrom software. This course includes an introduction to gas chromatography, EZChrom configuration, an introduction to EZChrom, data acquisition and data analysis. It will discuss gas supply and handling; split/splitless
  • Connected Smart Cities -2015
    Aug 03

    Connected Smart Cities believes that a smart city is the one that grows in a planned way through analyzing the development of some basic indicators, like economy, mobility, government, environment, urbanism, and quality of life.

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