International Journal of Renewable Energy Technology (IJRET)

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International Journal of Renewable Energy Technology (IJRET)

International Journal of Renewable Energy Technology seeks to disseminate knowledge on all topics and technologies of the different renewable energy resources. These include bioenergy, hydrogen/fuel cells, geothermal and solar energy, water/hydropower, wave, tidal and ocean energy, wind energy (off-shore/on-shore), and green power. Topics involve energy generation, energy demand response/management, energy economics, regulations, policies, market deregulation, pricing, investment coordination, risk analysis/security assessment, power quality, along with climate change and global warming. Published quarterly, the first issue is available as the free sample issue at

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International Journal of Renewable Energy Technology (IJRET) is published in 4 issues per year.

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Calibration of selected pyranometers and satellite derived solar radiation in Puerto Rico

Decentralised operation of residential energy resources in the smart grid

Wind power prefeasibility study for agricultural applications in Kerman, Iran: a case study

A hybrid wind/solar/diesel stand alone system optimisation for remote areas in Algeria

Power losses from wind generated electricity in high voltage AC transmission: an analysis through simulation


Design, control and performance analysis of a standalone solar–PV energy generating system

Dye–sensitised solar cells using TiO
nanoparticles: a review

Enrichment of biogas production from mixture of rubber seed cake and cow dung using TiO
catalyst and temperature

Earthy, solaris and atmospheric energy sources

Performance comparisons of grid connected SPV system with different MPPT algorithms

Emissions through solar PV systems – a review

Carbon credits earned from a double slope active solar still under forced circulation mode

Optimal sizing of a hybrid energy system for a semi-arid climate using an evolutionary algorithm

Possibility of biomass gasification in tea manufacturing industries in Assam, India

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  1. what will be the impact factor of this journal. kindly reply sir.

  2. What will be impact of this journal? Whether it is reviewed by SCOPUS

  3. @Srinivasa Rao Gorantla IJRET, a new title, is currently being evaluated by both Thomson Reuter's World of Science (ISI) and Scopus. It therefore does not yet have an impact factor.

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