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Opflow Online

Opflow is a member benefit of the American Water Works Association. Members receive the publication monthly in their mailboxes and have access to archives and the full text of current articles in Opflow Online. The articles in Opflow are written by and for hands-on professionals in the water industry. Its easy-to-read, 'how-to' style makes Opflow the industry's most usable monthly publication. Articles cover treatment and distribution operations, maintenance, safety, management, emerging technology, and solutions to common utility problems.

Mission Statement and Editorial Purpose

AWWA Opflow's editorial purpose is to present new and established technologies and ideas that readers can apply to drinking water treatment and distribution, alert readers to possible related problems and solutions, interpret regulatory and technical information in a clear format, and foster and promote innovative ideas that help readers provide safe water to all.

This is accomplished through technically detailed case studies and how-to articles, departments and columns that target specific needs, and dynamic illustrative graphics. Opflow is primarily written by people who read it: the members of the American Water Works Association, the authoritative resource on safe water. The components of Opflow are bold and accessible, presented in a manner that allowsinformation to be readily absorbed by persons in all segments of the water community and at all levels of responsibility. Opflow's goal is to be the leading practice periodical in the water community and the most useful AWWA periodical regarding day-to-day applications.

The members of the Opflow Editorial Advisory Board or other experts in the field review manuscripts before publication for accuracy and appropriateness. Each board member has several areas of expertise, and articles are reviewed accordingly. More than one reviewer may be required if the article topic is controversial or subject to individual interpretation. Articles are written in a generic fashion, to avoid endorsing specific manufacturer's products.

Opflow is the drinking water community's primary network for operator-level workers to learn and benefit from their shared experiences. It is a trusted link between operators from small towns to large metropolitan utilities, allowing one operator to share the experience of another.


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