The Enhesa Update

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The Enhesa Update
The Enhesa Update is published at the end of every month, and contains around 50 pages of titles and descriptions of the latest EHS developments in more than fifty countries around the world. A subscription to the Update includes access to a database containing records of these developments stretching back to 1998.

It is the ideal way to get an overall idea of international EHS regulatory developments while at the same time keeping the option of investigating those developments that interest you.

In comparison with the Enhesa Flash, the Enhesa Update, covers not only the adopted Regulations, but also the proposals. It not only provides the descriptive title of the regulatory development, but also an abstract and the regulatory citation.

In comparison with the Monitoring Service, the Enhesa Update only covers what is of interest to industry in general.  Industry-sector specific requirements will not be covered in the Enhesa Update, but will be covered in the Monitoring Reports. The monitoring reports are developed by country for each individual client, with the goal to cover all EHS regulatory and policy developments of interest to the company. The Enhesa Update provides an abstract, while the Monitoring Report provides a detailed summary, a business impact analysis and a hyperlink to the actual text of the Regulation.

The Enhesa Update is distributed in PDF format by email towards the end of every month, and subscription also gives you access to the Update website. The current and previous months' data is accessible through the Update website, and records stretch back to 1998. The Update website allows you to search and sort the abstracts by country, keyword, status, adoption date, implementation date, etc. It also gives you the possibility of getting a full analysis of selected records of interest. The Update website currently contains approximately 5000 abstracts and is updated and added to every month. 

A corporate subscription to the Enhesa Update costs 7400 EUR per year (12 issues) and gives you access to the Enhesa Update web site for twelve months. As part of your corporate subscription, you may make up to forty requests for monitoring records. Subsequent requests will be billed at EUR 50 per monitoring record and EUR 50 per request. You can subscribe using the Update Order Form. To give you an idea of what you can expect to receive, click on the images below to enlarge them.


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