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ELPI - Outdoor Air Electrical Low Pressure Impactor

by Dekati Ltd.

The Outdoor Air ELPI is a modified version of the standard ELPI instrument. Like the standard version, the Outdoor Air ELPI measures airborne particle size distribution and concentration in real-time. It operates in the size range of 7 nm – 10 μm with the filter stage accessory, and can be applied to various different types of ...

Model TMS3000D - Air-flow Measurement System

by Schiltknecht Messtechnik AG

Mechanical ventilation of tunnel systems ensures that exhaust gases and dirt particles are discharged from the tunnel tubes. Ventilation is more efficient and economical when it can be controlled by the air flow in the tunnel tube. TMS3000D measures the flow velocity in longitudinal direction (vz) and flow direction with high precision.

Ecotech - Model EC9843 - NOy Analyzer

by Ecotech Pty Ltd

The EC9843 NOy analyzer is Ecotech's dedicated NOy analyzer specially modified to accurately measure total reactive nitrogen (NOy). The EC9843 NOy analyzer combines microprocessor control with chemiluminescence detection to provide accurate measurements of NO and NOy in the range of 0-50 ppb and 0-20 ppm with a detection limit of 0.5 ppb.

PCME - Model STACK 181 WS - Particulate Measurement Systems

by PCME Ltd

The PCME STACK 181 WS is suitable for measuring particulate emissions from wet scrubbers and other processes where the flue gas falls below dew point (cold stack conditions) or water droplets are present. The extractive instrument takes a representative continuous sample from the stack, heats this well above dew point to evaporate water droplets ...

SEMTECH - Model LambdaMaster - Air Fuel Ratio Measurement System

by Sensors, Inc.

A state-of-the art transducer and sophisticated microprocessor are designed into a compact unit that is easy to use. The SEMTECH LambdaMaster measures air-fuel ratios and oxygen concentrations with extremely fast response times.

TunnelCraft - Model III - NO2 Air Quality Monitor (AQM)

by Codel International Ltd

Nitrogen dioxide (NO2) is fast becoming the most important measurement in tunnels and will eventually replace nitric oxide (NO) as the key measurement. The TunnelCraft III NO2 Air Quality Monitor (AQM) uses a high-power blue LED to measure the attenuation of UV/blue light by NO2 in the tunnel atmosphere. The AQM consists of a transceiver that ...

Model AQMesh - Air Quality Monitor

by Geotech

The AQMesh is a wireless air quality monitor to measure the main air pollution gases. It is a high sensitivity (ppb) air pollution monitoring system designed to work through a network of arrayed monitors to measure NO, NO2, O3, CO, SO2, humidity and atmospheric pressure.

Felix - Model APM2000 - Air Particulate Monitor

by Felix Technology Inc.

The APM2000 air particulate monitor implements advanced Beta ray attenuation principles to measure and record airborne particulate concentration levels. It can directly measure the mass of particulates in air without the effects of ingredients, density, color, etc. Each hour, a small 14C (carbon-14) element emits a constant source of high-energy ...

Ambient Air Workplace Monitoring

by Protea Limited

Protea can supply fixed workplace monitoring systems that can measure single or multi-points about the workplace. Specifically designed analytical systems can ensure detection limits down to ppb levels can be achieved for multiple gases with a single instrument. Controlling software can run automatically, providing instantaneous or time-weighted ...

Testo - Model 405 - Velocity Stick Anemometer

by MeterMall USA

Testo 405 Thermo-Anemometer is an economical way to get highly accurate hot-wire velocity measurements (metric units m/s only). This mini-anemometer also measures air temperature and enables entry of duct cross-sectional areas for volumetric flow rates (metric units only). Ships complete with meter, duct holder, belt clip, and battery. Available ...

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