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Senscient ELDS - Model OPGD Series 1000 - Ammonia

by Senscient Inc     based in League City, TEXAS (USA)

Reliable, open path detection of ammonia at levels low enough to provide early warning for leakage of this highly toxic gas. Detection Limits for ammonia leak detection are orders of magnitude lower than any other OPGD product. Specific detection of Ammonia without any cross interference from any other gases virtually eliminates false alarms. True ...

Solus - NH3/HCl Extractive TDL Analyser, with H2O and O2

by Protea Limited     based in Cheshire, UNITED KINGDOM

Introducing Protea’s new range of gas analyser - Solus. The Solus platform is an extension of Protea’s gas analysis equipment, allowing for highly selective, quick response and low range measurements of 1 or 2 gases in a cost-effective, re-configurable package. With the optional zirconia sensor, Solus offers solutions such as NH3+H2O+O2 or ...

Model EX3000-301 - Ammonia Gas Analyzer

by Awa Instruments     based in Singapore, SINGAPORE

The EX3000-301 Ammonia Gas Analyzer is an ammonia gas (NH3) monitoring system specifically designed for monitoring of stack emissions, motor exhausts, ambient air, and gases. The analyzer is mounted on a 19' rack. The front panel incorporates a flow meter to check the circulation of the analysed gas or zero gas as well as a large LCD display touch ...

Biological Tech - Animal Probiotics & Animal Waste Treatment

by Biological Tech Solutions     based in Branson, MISSOURI (USA)

Feedlots and confinement facilities are facing increased pressure from regulatory agencies and surrounding communities to eliminate offensive odors and to treat animal waste. Air emissions from these operations can lower surrounding land values and kill vegetation leading to lawsuits. Overflows from settling and collection ponds can pollute ...

Gradko - Ammonia Diffusion Tubes

by Gradko International Ltd     based in Winchester, UNITED KINGDOM

Ammonia diffusion tubes are suitable for long-term monitoring of ambient Ammonia pollution (sampling times are 2-4 weeks). These Ammonia samplers are simple to use, requiring no specialist skills or power supply, making them an efficient monitoring option. With very low detection limits (in the low parts per billion range), even low levels of ...

ATI - Model Q45N - Dissolved Ammonia Monitor

by ATi UK     based in Saddleworth, UNITED KINGDOM

The dissolved ammonia monitor provides an innovative method for online monitoring of ammonia with lower costs and simpler equipment.

LGR - Ammonia Analyzer (NH3, H2O)

by ETG Risorse e Tecnologia     based in Montiglio, ITALY

LGR’s new H2S/NH3 Analyzer (ammonia, hydrogen sulfide) provides sensitive measurements in ambient air or in industrial process flows with extremely high precision and sensitivity. No longer do you have to wait a long time to measure these gases with high sensitivity and accuracy – LGR’s H2S/NH3 Analyzer provides ...

Ammonia Detector / NH3 Detector

by Sensor Sense B.V.     based in AE Nijmegen, NETHERLANDS

Everyone is regularly exposed to various levels of ammonia in air, soil, water, and food. Most of ammonia released to the environment comes from the degradation of animal waste and industrial processes (e.g. in chemical plants).It is one of the contributors to soil acidification and 'acid rain', playing an important role in the long range ...

Unisearch - Model LasIR MP110 - Portable Gas Analyzer

by Unisearch Associates Inc.     based in Concord, ONTARIO (CANADA)

Compact and durable, this portable unit allows the user to move easily from one location to the next to analyze gas emissions in a variety of environments. On-board memory automatically saves data of the measuring campaigns.

Unisearch - Model LasIR RM410/RM810/RM1610 - 4 - 16 Channel Gas Analyzers

by Unisearch Associates Inc.     based in Concord, ONTARIO (CANADA)

Multi-channel Analyzer that remotely connects to measuring locations via fiber optics. Ideal for applications where pollutants are to be monitored in 4 or more locations (up to 16 with a single controller). These can be any combination of stacks/ducts or open paths. Dynamic measurement range, up to 5 orders of magnitude. No field calibration ...

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