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Model MS3000 - Ammonia Monitor

by Multisensor Systems Ltd

The MS3000 is an Ammonia monitor designed for both waste and raw/clean water applications. It utilises a contactless measurement technique, sensing headspace gases, and provides an accurate, sensitive and reliable measurement system. The MS3000 is accurate to low ppb concentrations and its wide dynamic range allows it to be used in a wide variety ...

Solus - NH3/HCl Extractive TDL Analyser, with H2O and O2

by Protea Limited

Introducing Protea’s new range of gas analyser - Solus. The Solus platform is an extension of Protea’s gas analysis equipment, allowing for highly selective, quick response and low range measurements of 1 or 2 gases in a cost-effective, re-configurable package. With the optional zirconia sensor, Solus offers solutions such as NH3+H2O+O2 or ...

Model EAA-22 - Economical Ammonia Analyzer

by Los Gatos Research

Los Gatos Research's (LGR's) Economical Ammonia Analyzer (EAA) provides sensitive measurements of ammonia in ambient air or in industrial process flows with extremely high precision and sensitivity. No longer do you have to spend a lot of money or wait a long time to measure ammonia with high sensitivity – LGR’s Economical Ammonia ...

NH3 Flue/Exhaust Gas 300C Sensor

by SenSic AB

The SenSiC NH3 sensor detects exhaust/flue gas ammonia levels down to 5ppm. The sensor thereby offers cost efficient, fast responding NH3 slip monitoring to optimize ammonia (urea) injection in SCR/SNCR systems. Thus efficient NOx reduction is achieved whilst avoiding excess ammonia slip, which otherwise would cause a shortened life of the ...

PCA Technologies-Airsense Analytics - OlfoSense

by PCA Technologies

OlfoSense 'Intelligent Multi-Sensor Array' the most technologically advanced system of measurement of odors in the environment. Dedicated to build a monitoring network 24 hours per day of odor dispersion (in olfactometric units OU/m3) and the concentration of VOC , Ammonia, Hydrogen sulfide, etc.. Each OlfoSense installed in the area or near to ...

IRGAS - Model EPI/Hx - Moisture in Ammonia Analyzer

by CIC Photonics, Inc.

CIC Photonics, Inc. is dedicated to providing today's growing industries with the highest sensitivity and fastest time response instrumentation. Our analyzers arc used worldwide in a variety of different arenas, and although CIC Photonics has a set of core systems, we pride ourselves on truly meeting the needs of our customers by adapting the core ...

Model AC32M-CNH3 - Ammonia and Nitrogen Oxides Analyzer

by Norditech Pty Ltd

Chemiluminescence w. converter Nitrogen Oxides (NO, NOX, NO2) and/or Ammonia (NH3) Analyzer. 4 selectable modes: Continuous NH3. Continuous NO / NO2 / NH3. Continuous NO / NO2. Continuous NO.

Ammonia Aqua Sensor

by Pacific Sentry LLC

Pacific Sentry's ammonia aqua sensor enables visual monitoring of toxic ammonia (NH3) in aquaria water on a continuous basis. Simply attach it in a visible location where it can be left and easily viewed, with the sensor pad completely immersed. With initial use, wait about 15 minutes for the sensor to hydrate before making first reading. ...

Ammonia Stripping

by Branch Environmental Corp.

Where ammonia is present in water to be treated, you can remove it using air stripping technology.

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