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Ammonia Sensitive Sensor

by JUMO Instrument Co Ltd

This probe is used to measure ammonia (NH3) in aqueous solutions. In an aqueous solution, ammonia is in a pH dependent balance with ammonia ions (NH4+-Ionen). If the NH4+ ions are transformed into ammonia by the addition of a caustic solution, the probe will record the resulting ammonia. NH4+ ions as such will not be recorded.

IRGAS - EPI/Hx - Moisture in Ammonia Analyzer

by CIC Photonics, Inc.

CIC Photonics, Inc. is dedicated to providing today's growing industries with the highest sensitivity and fastest time response instrumentation. Our analyzers arc used worldwide in a variety of different arenas, and although CIC Photonics has a set of core systems, we pride ourselves on truly meeting the needs of our customers by adapting the core ...

CHEMetrics - K-1510 - Ammonia Test Kit - 0-1 & 1-10 ppm, 30 Tests.

by Galgo (UK) Limited

CHEMs Ammonia Test Kit - Visual Colourimetric Analysis - for the determination of Ammonia in aqueous solutions. Ideal waste water test kit. Contains everything needed to perform 30 tests.

PH3 - iTX Multi-Gas Monitor

by Industrial Scientific Corporation

The iTX Multi-Gas Monitor is the industry’s most versatile portable gas detection instrument. Designed to grow with you as your monitoring needs change, the iTX can go from being a single gas unit to a six-gas monitor, or anything in between, with just a few simple user configurations and sensor changes. Featuring advanced ...

MS3000 - Ammonia Monitor

by Multisensor Systems Ltd

The MS3000 is an Ammonia monitor designed for both waste and raw/clean water applications. It utilises a contactless measurement technique, sensing headspace gases, and provides an accurate, sensitive and reliable measurement system. The MS3000 is accurate to low ppb concentrations and its wide dynamic range allows it to be used in a wide variety ...

VACOMASS - Biocontrol

by BINDER Flow GmbH

Depending on capacity and the relevant situation of each plant, individual design concepts are required for controlling the air supply. In addition, the investment cost as well as the available  potential for energy savings play a decisive role.

Picarro - G2103 - NH3 Analyzer

by Encotech SAGL

Detect NH3 in a variety of environments.Simultaneous, precise measurement of NH3 and H2O.The Picarro G2103 is the only sensor capable of measuring ammonia in such diverse environments as agricultural production and semiconductor fabrication. It is portable, rugged and capable of parts-per-billion sensitivity. It also offers a huge dynamic ...

MLU - 201A NH3 - Ammonia Analyzer

by MLU - Monitoring für Leben und Umwelt

The MLU 201A NH3 Ammonia Analyzer is located in two chassis: The MLU 201 A NH3 Analyzer, a variation of the MLU 200A NOx Analyzer and the Model 501NH Ammonia Converter. The MLU 201A is identical with the MLU 200A except for the following: the sample, which in the MLU 200A bypasses the molybdenum converter producing the NO signal, now passes ...

BA 4510 - Portable Trace O2-Analyzer

by Bühler Technologies GmbH

The BA4510 is designed for measurements of oxygen traces in inert gases. It is based on an advanced, zirconia measurement cell. The highly selective cell combines high mechanical strength with consistent accuracy. With inert gases, the cell delivers an increasing signal if the partial pressure of oxygen drops thus giving a highly precise ...

BA 6000 - O2 - Oxygen Analyser

by Bühler Technologies GmbH

The BA6000 oxygen analyzer is based on the para-pneumatic principle which is derived from paramagnetic technology. Unlike traditional paramagnetic (dumb-bell) analyzers, this instrument has no moving parts in the measurement cell and is impervious to the effects of vibration. This analyzer is ideally suited for reactive gas mixtures or where ...

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